The Answer (Trentemøller Remix) 가사

UNKLE - The Answer (Trentemøller Remix)
아티스트: UNKLE
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Here we are Burning up in our cars And in our hearts Better days Sleeping late with our headaches Perfect weather Congregate Lay in wait for an answer They're still waiting Grit your teeth The lucky taste as the day breaks The blind are leading the blind Better Better days with a headache Perfect weather Better Better days with a headache Perfect weather Better Better days with a headache Perfect weather Better Better days with a headache Perfect weather Xenon lights Dots go dashing the highways Nothing's moving Radiates Everything lasting for seconds Evaporated Lovers' lips Drinking late at the station Smiling faces Coming clean Wiping your face in whatever There's an answer

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EksDee 1 답글 연결
This is so fucking good that I got a eargasm
Elliot Roe
Elliot Roe 답글 연결
Shrek 2 brought me here
Cody Madden
Cody Madden 답글 연결
if anyone reads this and is listening to this song, and is feeling depressed like me, know that I'm a person just like you feeling just as low, and I dont know if life ever gets better, but we gotta keep going just because. why not right?
Menudofan1985 답글 연결
Chris Holth
Chris Holth 답글 연결
The Imitation Game originally brought me here, then I forgot about it...then American Assassin made me return here. Not that any of you care.
dem gutts
dem gutts 답글 연결
Anybody else hears nine inch nails "the slip" when listening to this song or am I bugging?
Indra Hermawan
Indra Hermawan 답글 연결
american assasin bring me to here
Taco1011 답글 연결
I heard this song in a hotel lobby a few days ago. Thank god for Shazam.
voidfxndom 5 답글 연결
i want this song to be played at my funeral
sesi stilinsky
sesi stilinsky 1 답글 연결
i want to cry but idk why ;-;
K7 M7
K7 M7 답글
sesi stilinsky that's a masterpiece for you
I don't care whatever brought you, this song deserves more recognition.
Sweeping Leaves
Sweeping Leaves 답글 연결
this song is certified dopiness
simon hutchinson
simon hutchinson 답글 연결
This song is musical ecstasy
Peťan Šenk
Peťan Šenk 답글 연결
And sounds how depresive
Peťan Šenk
Peťan Šenk 답글 연결
this is so cool song
Jess Day
Jess Day 10 답글 연결
I'm basically playing all the American Assassin trailer scenes in my head as the songs playing...
I may have watched the trailer too many times
The Cat
The Cat 8 답글 연결
90% american assasin 🤘
puddlemini 1 답글 연결
a sterek fanvid brought me here XD
INeedMySon 4Real
INeedMySon 4Real 1 답글 연결
I just found this song amazing how it sounds
Sheep God
Sheep God 2 답글 연결
John Wick Jr "Dylan O'Brien"

ObiWanRollMeOne 답글 연결
So glad I searched this and found it on 4/20 This is a trip
SlackAlot 8 답글 연결
I guess we're all on a mission to find the dopest version of the American Assassin trailer song.
Alex Gebert
Alex Gebert 답글
you know us well.
Tareq Abu shukur
Tareq Abu shukur 2 답글 연결
so exited for american assassin
Kyren 2 답글 연결
American Assassin brought me here!
Abid Ali
Abid Ali 2 답글 연결
This song is an experience.
SebastianRosas 1 답글 연결
Anyone know how to play this on piano?
diana 2 답글 연결
American Assassin teaser trailer brought me here
JBM /\
JBM /\ 9 답글 연결
American Assassin anyone?
kaligg8 8 답글 연결
American Assassin brought me here! :)
gino peñaflor
gino peñaflor 7 답글 연결
the "the american assasin brought me here" comment made me scroll through the comments.

Olyvea Blazer
Olyvea Blazer 4 답글 연결
Words wouldn't do this song justice....
Sir. Diddy Derps
Sir. Diddy Derps 31 답글 연결
American assassin brought me here
Lydia 44 답글 연결
American Assassin brought me here.
Alex JRO
Alex JRO 74 답글 연결
American Assassin
Nikita Shinde
Nikita Shinde 293 답글 연결
Anyone here after watching the American assassin trailer?
Jacob Orndorff
Jacob Orndorff 답글
davis769 답글
Yes, this song hooked me
Михаил Юдин
Михаил Юдин 답글
dem gutts
dem gutts 1 답글
Nikita Shinde yup
Indra Hermawan
Indra Hermawan 답글
Nikita Shinde correct
MrReaperofDead 7 답글 연결
my unkle brought me here...🙂
Space Octopus
Space Octopus 14 답글 연결
This song couldn't be more amazing. Unlike other people, I actually am already a Trentemøller fan. Never seen whatever the fucking movie it's in is....
 This remix is wonderful. It deserves more than almost 230,000 hits. That's for sure.

Also, why does this stupid fad exist where people feel the need to comment about what brought them to a youtube video?! It's so OBNOXIOUS. Nobody cares, dude. That's not interesting, it has nothing to do with the actual content of a video, and isn't constructive, or a discussion about the video... Just sayin'...
luis vasquez
luis vasquez 답글
Space Octopus nigga shut up u ugly
Dimm Ster
Dimm Ster 답글
Did something ever come of this?
I'd be eager to discuss these things as well...
celine 답글
Space Octopus watch the movie meru! its so beautiful im happy i watched it cause it introduced me to amazing music like this one...
Bruhh 1 답글
Space Octopus I saw you on a different comment giving music recommendations and the way that you described them are the way that I describe those musicians. Royksopp, trentmoller, and ulrich schnaus make me feel so much inner peace. Like its ok to feel the way I do. Can you message me privately? Please. I'd like to learn myself a bit more through you. I'll help you in whatever way I can.
Bruhh 답글
Space Octopus look at your first paragraph and give the same logic to it. Why does anyone need to know?

I'm not saying this to be a jerk. I'm just like you. I'm asking an honest question. I cant figure it out. Maybe its not important. I just want to know.
Leon Lamby
Leon Lamby 1 답글 연결
Anna Schuldiner
Anna Schuldiner 답글 연결
Everything lasting for seconds evaporated
Blair Potter
Blair Potter 1 답글 연결
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