Star Wars Main Theme

John Williams - Star Wars Main Theme
아티스트: John Williams
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Victor Manuel Flores Ramirez
que la fuerza los acompañe
Nicholas Merino
Nicholas Merino 답글 연결
so nice to have a real president
Nicholas Merino
Nicholas Merino 답글 연결
Rococo spell!?
Nicholas Merino
Nicholas Merino 답글 연결
Nicholas Merino
Nicholas Merino 답글 연결
teaching yoga in Andromeda?
Nicholas Merino
Nicholas Merino 답글 연결
where is princess Camille?
Rebelkommando616 답글 연결
I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry

*music starts*

Ah fuck it *cries*
Dylan Foley
Dylan Foley 1 답글 연결
Same It makes me cry everytime only song that does that
unYso 답글 연결
2100 stormtroopers missed the "thumb up" button
Ethan M
Ethan M 답글 연결
i takes yur music for a quizz in my channel thanks
marty golubow
marty golubow 답글 연결
It's never the same in History!
You must look Beyond the Results & LEARN FROM MISTAKES-------therefore, you are doomed to repeat the mistakes again.....?.
Mix Master
Mix Master 답글 연결
Thank God for utube
omg just the sounds bring back so much good memerios as a lil kid
Arielle Severson
Arielle Severson 답글 연결
When You did not realize headphones are on full blast and then you almost get a heart attack lol
Jonathan Meyer
Jonathan Meyer 답글 연결
4:26 a weird noise happened
NiNi OnceForever
NiNi OnceForever 답글 연결
Daniel Torres
Daniel Torres 답글 연결
When you won the game that was so hard
[The] Smacked Ham. Hot cakes
The Nostalgia is strong with this one! I know somebody has probably all ready said that but god I love Star Wars, I couldn't resist!
Fred Fisher
Fred Fisher 1 답글 연결
R.I.P Carrie Fisher

Tom The Dodger
Tom The Dodger 답글 연결
This song makes me feel depressed
New York
New York 답글 연결
was there, back then and seen it the week it came out in NYC.😁
Birch Tree
Birch Tree 답글 연결
Literally the greatest movie theme is human history
Cherry Lion
Cherry Lion 답글 연결
Lightsabers out for Carrie Fisher.
micai stokes book review
i love the star wars theme may the forces be with you
Quinton Krull
Quinton Krull 답글 연결
Lovin it
MisterTwister 답글 연결
Dedicated to Kenny Baker, Carrie Fisher, and Sir Alec Guinness. We loved you for your work, and we will continue your legacy both within and outside of Star Wars.
Blue Flame
Blue Flame 답글 연결
2017 The last Jedi lemme see you in the comments. Who's here?!?!?
Whiterun Guard
Whiterun Guard 답글 연결
Skyrim theme is more epic
Sarah HH
Sarah HH 답글 연결
I hate Star Wars

DasTelefon1901 답글 연결
2:37 <3
EricSH B
EricSH B 답글 연결
Without this, Star Wars cannot exist
Miguel Mederos
Miguel Mederos 답글 연결
That short Imperial segment reminds me of Gustav Holst's "Mars The Bringer of War" from The Planets suite.
Lord Art
Lord Art 답글 연결
Not a complete star wars fan, but I love this!
Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson 1 답글 연결
I came for 2017 the last Jedi
David Badillo
David Badillo 답글 연결
Among the musician viewers, who else uses this Star Wars theme to invoke in his mind in order to conceive a point of reference for B flat and then be able to use your relative ear to identify the sounds you hear around you by their very musical names?
... or am I the only crazy musician here? Hahaha!
denv9590 denv9590
0:49 gave me chills
Emil Heje
Emil Heje 답글 연결
2.074 Star Trek fanboys discovered. ;)
TristanMc678 Minecraft
tro bien
High Bow Puffin 64
omg this song is one of my favorites. Hearing this makes me so happy, thinking about space battle ships and jet fighters flying all over the place, unique tropical, frozen, and desert planets along with big land wars involving clone troopers, walkers, and those hovering semi circle vehicles. Gotta love me some star wars :)