Star Wars Main Theme

John Williams - Star Wars Main Theme
아티스트: John Williams
11,765,894 4,536 56,860 1,918 96.7%

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waivedwench 답글 연결
Those few moments when you're waiting in the dark for that logo to flash onto the screen...
손은영 1 답글 연결
Evelyn Yao
Evelyn Yao 답글 연결
Whenever I think about this score I always somehow always get mixed up with the Indiana jones theme or I can't remember either one
JB Felix
JB Felix 1 답글 연결
It'll be a sad day when all the main actors for the original trilogy die...we already lost a big one
R.I.P Carrie Fisher, may the force be with you
Spazout13 답글 연결
John Williams probably had NO idea how this song would become the most recognized, iconic theme in the world! No other piece of music will ever surpass the shear recognizability as this masterpiece(a work done with extraordinary skill; especially : a supreme intellectual or artistic achievement)!
Nick Sketch
Nick Sketch 답글 연결
Best Fucking Franchise Ever!
Fawn Kongsiri
Fawn Kongsiri 답글 연결
Who else can't wait to see the words 'a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...' appear at the start of The Last Jedi and hear this song
Wolfboy3040 답글 연결
Who else is excited for the last jedi?
MrHamJam Jr
MrHamJam Jr 2 답글 연결

Johan David
Johan David 답글 연결
Làààà baaaaas ! Dans les étoiiiiiiileeeeeeeuuuuuus !!!!
Andrew S
Andrew S 답글 연결
John Williams is the MAN!!
Ariel Vlo
Ariel Vlo 답글 연결
When you finally get a girl/boy and you kiss them.
Liz Silva
Liz Silva 답글 연결
I never liked Star Wars but I went to Disney land and I heard it and now I do like Star Wars
Elias Rödin
Elias Rödin 답글 연결
Imagine if they would take this part away from Star wars 8 and 9 xd
JustinAtEpcot 답글 연결
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....
Seojun Kim
Seojun Kim 답글 연결
John Williams is the best musician evet.
PrayerfulToe6 1 답글 연결
4:25 wtf was that?!
Jag Maida
Jag Maida 1 답글 연결
Mozart and Beethoven can suck it John Williams is the best classical composer to ever live. Jaws, Superman, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, and the Olympics theme to name a few
Alex Clemmer
Alex Clemmer 답글 연결
yay star wars I did not use caps on purpose. yay
WhitePulsarr Beli
let force be with u !!!

Giovanni Castillo
Giovanni Castillo 1 답글 연결
Who's here to get pummed up for The Last Jedi
Stacey May
Stacey May 답글 연결
from the golden olden age of film scores! they don't make them like this anymore.
Neftali Rivera Jr
"General Tarkin I can Smell your foul stench the minute I came on board!" (Princess Leah) "HeHeHe Charming till the last!" (Tarkin)
Neftali Rivera Jr
Neftali Rivera Jr 답글
Rest In Peace Princes Leah May the Force Be With You Always!
Susan H
Susan H 답글 연결
I was 11 years old when STAR WARS hit the theater. I even had the notebook ( today it's called a binder) but threw it away. I had no idea that Star Wars would become STAR WARS. Now my son have the toys, posters, clothing etc. Who knew!!!
BothBoat 답글 연결
Im tripping with LSD so hard.
Stephen LaPorte
Stephen LaPorte 답글 연결
Coby Eugene
Coby Eugene 답글 연결
A film not defined by time or what generation you are, Star Wars is just something that touches everyone it will live on from now until the end of timeHappy 40th Birthday Star Wars!
Spideylife 답글 연결
Last Jedi
joel Pallaroso Nonone
soy perrra
Jack Lady
Jack Lady 답글 연결
When space radio's are invented play only this on ir
Jack Lady
Jack Lady 답글
Not IR it

Joelbell 답글 연결
How to piss people off:
Back To The Future was a better science fiction
fusionbullet3226 답글 연결
The first time I even saw the opening scene, I was in love with it
QBaT Mobile
QBaT Mobile 답글 연결
blip @ 4:25
Emily Rivera7428
Emily Rivera7428 1 답글 연결
storm trooper: *shoots*

me: wow ur aim is worse than your haircut
mexicanhero 답글 연결
star wars be brought me here
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 답글 연결
Rebellion scum!!
MRCFgaming 333
MRCFgaming 333 답글 연결
May the force be with us=)
I cried when this song came and the played
jwyattsmith 답글 연결
quite possibly the greatest piece of music EVER composed
No céu tem pão?
I loved music
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