Star Wars Main Theme

John Williams - Star Wars Main Theme
아티스트: John Williams
11,424,264 7,246 55,523 1,847 96.8%

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Rolando Rosas
Rolando Rosas 답글 연결
memories man sow many star wars for the win like Rouge one is perfect 5 stars for this star wars
ProudRich 답글 연결
00:41-00:44 This is a Turkish National anthem ???
Héctor Salazar
Héctor Salazar 답글 연결
3:19 - 3:50 that melody is so peaceful, i could listen it for hours...
Leggon Arm
Leggon Arm 답글 연결
A thousand people are nerf herders.
Jacob Walters
Jacob Walters 1 답글 연결
at 4:26 does anyone else hear that click? its still a great song but it bothers me
8301coolguy 1 답글 연결
It's so disappointing they didn't do it for "Rogue One"
Rodrigo Esteban Pereira Archiles
Please check the audio at 4m26s! :/
dYrOiUs 답글 연결
Bike lane! You're in the bike lane! You're in the bike lane! Can you please move
BAT BOY 답글 연결
Too bad the new ones were a big pile of shit!
Kennedy !
Kennedy ! 답글 연결
Our orchestra has our concert on may 4th. So we're playing this :)
Everett Bailey
Everett Bailey 답글 연결
Colts are amazing
Ralph Aragon
Ralph Aragon 답글 연결
i still wonder why star wars rogue one doesn't have that song
Coaster Cinema
Coaster Cinema 답글 연결
1834 Empire supporters disliked.
Kayra Deniz Serbest
Kayra Deniz Serbest 1 답글 연결
60 yaç
Caustik Gaming
Caustik Gaming 답글 연결
you must be autistic to dislike this... probably some 70 year old got triggered because it was loud XD
Jonathan Zohs
Jonathan Zohs 답글 연결
is this by John Williams this masterpiece of Music?
SWBF News and Advices
Carrie Fisher died the day after my birthday😭
8301coolguy 답글
Carrie Fisher died when I watched Rogue One for the first time
Bilbo Took
Bilbo Took 답글 연결
Am I the only one that heard that at 4:24
Omegaman120 답글 연결
My opening crawl idea for the last Jedi:
Hope has been found! Rey, the mysterious scavenger of Jakku, has successfully located Luke skywalker on the remote planet of Atch To, on the hopes of him returning to save the galaxy
Meanwhile, general Leia Organa has sent Commanders Finn and Poe Dameron to set up defenses of the resistance base on Sullust, to prevent a counter strike against supreme leader snoke and the FIRST ORDER!
To grow stronger after his last battle at starkiller base, Kylo Ren heads to the ancient Sith Ruins of Rhen Var, to seek answers from the dark side......
Michael Silva
Michael Silva 답글 연결
Carrie fisher always leave me and she broke my heart.😢💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔.i will miss you so much princess liea!!!!!!!!!

david matthews
david matthews 답글 연결
Thsnk you, John Willams......... Your music, belongs with, the greats
Dragon Empire
Dragon Empire 답글 연결
Wait... John Williams is still alive!?
Grand Sensei Dareth
Grand Sensei Dareth 1 답글 연결
And this is why John William's score should never be tainted by the crappy remix from the clone wars.
Ali Sally
Ali Sally 답글 연결
Ali Sally
Ali Sally 답글 연결
Shri Mokhasi
Shri Mokhasi 답글 연결
Hey can you guys plz sub I will give you all shoutout and tell all my friends to sub and I have a lot of friends
beybeykess 답글 연결
I hate the 1k people who disliked this
Acramus 답글 연결
this is like the eipsed iv
Grayson Coffin
Grayson Coffin 답글 연결
rise for the most important part of our ceremony... The Star Wars anthem
Cool Tiger 2468
Cool Tiger 2468 답글 연결
This music brings tears to my eyes...

Mastercian 99
Mastercian 99 답글 연결
This will play when I walk into my sisters' bedroom and fight her ( she's gonna win 🙁)
TheOGPlayz 답글 연결
When I was depressed, this song gave me hope.
Jenna Keith
Jenna Keith 답글 연결
I love the music so just wanna take a weekend and watch all the star wars movies! I'm not real into star wars because I haven't seen all of them and I know that I will definetly become a fan!
Aleks The Deplorable
A long long time ago, yet somehow in the future.
Emma From Goanimate
Everyone goes berserk when The force awakens beginning comes.
2022Jonas Fababeir
Darth Blader Songs
Uses 96 Batteries
If Disney touches this in their movies we are going hunting
Uses 96 Batteries
With the finale Episode 9 coming soon, I would like to say that these movies were beautiful pieces of art that will forever remain a part of the film industry's history
Uses 96 Batteries
This is my favorite part about going to the movies to watch Star Wars, everyone always cheers and applauds during this
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