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The Hives - Hate to Say I Told You So
The Hives
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Do what I want cause I can and if I don't because I wanna be ignored by the stiff and the bored because I'm gonna. Spit and retrieve cause I give and receive because I wanna gonna get through your head what the mystery man said because I'm gonna. Hate to say I told you so. I do believe I told you so. Now it's all out and you knew cause I wanted to. Turn my back on the rot that's been planning the plot - because I'm gonna. No need for me to wait - because I wanna. No need two, three and too late - because I'm gonna. Hate to say I told you so. I do believe I told you so. Do what I please gonna spread the disease because I wanna gonna call all the shots for the "No"s and the "Not"s because I wanna. Ask me once I'll answer twice cause what I know I'll tell because I wanna. Sound device and lots of ice I'll spell my name out loud because I wanna, oh yeah?

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ZombieQueen DaStrange
I recently discovered the hives I'm in love lol
Kevin Zarbock
Kevin Zarbock 2016-10-28 17:18 1 답글 연결
kinda lil grunge sound to it
Heather Lamb
Heather Lamb 2016-10-26 07:58 답글 연결
this song annoys me but I still listen to it
Chuck Kamp
Chuck Kamp 2016-09-19 23:36 답글 연결
Like Oct 20 2015 and Dec 21 2015
Oliver Longauer
Oliver Longauer 2016-08-02 06:38 1 답글 연결
Jelle Klaasen!!!
comicahmet 2016-06-12 18:23 1 답글 연결
This sounds very much like their tick tick boom shit
JBDiamondCutter 2016-04-04 23:30 1 답글 연결
That bass is sexual.
Jason T Scott-West
Jason T Scott-West 2016-03-13 10:22 3 답글 연결
And their singer wants to sing for AC/DC? I don't think so.
Chris McClelland
Chris McClelland 2016-03-05 09:40 답글 연결
I really hate this song. I hear it several times a day as background music and it REALLY irritates me.
Christian Quintana
Christian Quintana 2016-09-25 02:41 3 답글
You hate this song but you took the time to search for it and comment.. funny.
Chris McClelland
Chris McClelland 2016-03-23 10:40 답글
That it is. That it is... And they wonder why some people suddenly snap and go postal...
toot1231 2016-03-22 17:00 답글
+Chris McClelland haha yea i know what you mean hearing the same songs over and over is boring
Chris McClelland
Chris McClelland 2016-03-22 09:53 답글
yeah, I understand completely. The problem is not so much the song I guess but that it's played EVERY day at the same time and in the same order of songs. I can bloody set my watch to this song or the Gonna eat me a lot of Peaches(eating pusssy song).
They play the same soundtrack of songs several times a day until a holiday comes up, then they change it until the holiday(Christmas or Halloween is over) and then play it all over again month after month after month.

They need to change tracks every other month.
toot1231 2016-03-14 19:34 2 답글
+Chris McClelland how do you think we feel when we have to hear shitty country that drains iq and kills braincells
EmilLime 2016-02-20 20:00 답글 연결
44 mate, 44.
David Donlan
David Donlan 2016-01-08 06:25 5 답글 연결
jelle klaasen!!!!
assmane999 2015-10-24 23:20 1 답글 연결
I hate lyrics videos that have lyrics that come up on the screen too late. I wanna sing along and wake the neighbors damnit!!!
Potato on Fedora.
Potato on Fedora. 2016-03-13 11:50 답글
Musixmatch is da answer, bruh
locomotivebrain 2015-11-15 13:17 답글
Make them up....I do... HATE I OWE SO!!!! YOU OUTTA BLOW ME OUTTA THE WATER...OH YEAH(here come the neighbors)
Maciej Maćkowski
Lubie, lubie, lubie! w dupe, dupe, dupe
Luke Avey
Luke Avey 2015-09-20 06:37 답글 연결
old but awesome
Luke Avey
Luke Avey 2016-06-02 05:25 답글
+assmane999 completely agree man and im only 17 and I listen to it when I was young
assmane999 2015-10-24 23:19 2 답글
+Luke Avey A 15 year old song is old? Damn, that makes ME feel old.
Bazooka Joe
Bazooka Joe 2015-09-10 15:27 답글 연결
is this the hives or the zeros
Zedell123 2016-02-13 01:17 답글
+locomotivebrain the Zives!
locomotivebrain 2015-11-15 13:18 1 답글
The Heroes?
JimBob Joe
JimBob Joe 2015-08-06 06:01 1 답글 연결
Thank you Forza Horizon for letting me know about this song
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash 2016-09-26 11:18 1 답글
lol yes
zedge fasen
zedge fasen 2015-07-18 18:39 답글 연결
tros bien
Jeff Baker
Jeff Baker 2015-07-16 22:12 답글 연결
Love that bass drum. Keep it simple. Keep it good.
Jeff Baker
Jeff Baker 2015-07-16 00:57 답글 연결
damn.....tearin' it up.
Jeff Baker
Jeff Baker 2015-07-16 00:47 답글 연결
...and repeat.
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