Evey Reborn

Dario Marianelli (V for Vendetta OST) - Evey Reborn
아티스트: Dario Marianelli (V for Vendetta OST)
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Bruno Gonzales
Bruno Gonzales 답글 연결
"Ideas are bulletproof"
Alumaerus Argyle Batsbane
whoever wrote the trailer music for fantastic beasts and where to find them owes this song royalties
Nicholas Evans
Nicholas Evans 답글 연결
zZMrPickleZz Sava
zZMrPickleZz Sava 1 답글 연결
Top Gear: Davos to Stelvio, and Project CARS: The Five trailer ;)
John Rambo
John Rambo 답글 연결
Quite honestly the best movie soundtrack I have ever heard.

This movie would not have been the same without it.
Levente Vér
Levente Vér 답글 연결
This song just gives me the chills every time man, it's so good.
elsrjokerhunter 답글 연결
very nice
JamesE 2 답글 연결
(Start Reading 02:00)

So I was minding my own business working when I hear this familiar sound
through my headphones, suddenly tingles start invading my body, large
pulses of energy and excitement coursing through my veins as each new
note of this ever familiar song plays on, what is this I ask myself,
this powerful sound, this sound that makes me want to rise up and fight
the good fight, yes now I know what that sound is.......

Its the sound of the people, it is the sound of the world changing, it
is the sound of men and women rising up through the ashes of the fallen,
It is the sound that tells us that we are free and no one can tell us
who we are or what we want to be or do with our life.

We are all on this world for many different reasons but one of them we
all share is this is our world, our life, you make of it what you wish
as you only get once chance.

This is my sound, this is the sound of freedom and the people, no
government shall ever us rule us, no dictatorship will ever stop us. It
has happened before and it will happen again. The human race is stronger
than we could imagine. Together there is nothing we cannot do!

Brandon Shaffer
Brandon Shaffer 1 답글 연결
I dunno how in the world the composer took the concept of "spiraling wildly upward" and converted it so vividly into music.
AccAkut1987 2 답글 연결
Top Gear Vietnam Special ;)
Ano Nymous
Ano Nymous 3 답글 연결
God is in the rain...
Artemilo 5 답글 연결
Beautifull. I LOVE this movie
Mohammed Hussain
Mohammed Hussain 16 답글 연결
Very few times in life will a moment, experienced by others, be truly felt by the listener.

This was one of those moments.
Jordan TRusso
Jordan TRusso 3 답글 연결
a veriation of this was used in the "Fantastic Beasts" trailer.
supashley007 답글 연결
TheLancingMems 답글 연결
makes me explode
Your Friendly Neighborhood Archaeopteryx
This song's beauty is beyond praise -as it's feature resume speaks for itself. Interstellar and now, Fantastic Beasts (Harry Potter spinoff)
Merhunes Dagon
Merhunes Dagon 2 답글 연결
This music is... awesome :')
Joseph Gold
Joseph Gold 7 답글 연결
This was the highlight. (This comment has nothing to do with any specific religion.)

She found that God resided not in some distant celestial body.
She found that God was not found through some conduit of man.
She found that God was not describable through words alone.
She found that she when she was most free, she was most in touch with her creator.

God is in the rain.
Георги Стоев
Marinelli is a ginious! It's so Interstellar!

danielvutran 답글 연결
Azar Senh
Azar Senh 1 답글 연결
A masterpiece within a masterpiece
SWAGGERwrestling 답글 연결
Isn't some of those rings and eerie sounds in the great gatsby as gatsby looks off the dock
Hugh Lusignan
Hugh Lusignan 28 답글 연결
Extremely beautiful
Mort Imps
Mort Imps 답글 연결
is raining and i hear it
will harris
will harris 답글 연결
I saw an instagram video of the making a the lightsaber scene in the Force Awakens with this song, and now all I want is to see this in the new Star Wars movie. It would go so well with it...So epic.
Gergő Hahn
Gergő Hahn 1 답글 연결
Yes it was in the Interstellar trailer, but did you know it was used in the Top Gear Vietnam special as well? :P
Armando Cisneros
Armando Cisneros 2 답글 연결
This film shits on Interstellar
Paul.L 1 답글 연결
Nora Minion
Nora Minion 8 답글 연결
This leitmotiv is too perfect. Seriously.
Electric Visuals
Electric Visuals 1 답글
yo chill
Brock McClain
Brock McClain 11 답글
Shut up, moron.

Jessica Mussio Marquez
Samuel Blair
Samuel Blair 33 답글 연결
everyone shut up about interstellar, this was one if not the most powerful moments in this masterpiece
Brock McClain
Brock McClain 10 답글
i cum so hard
Austin 4 답글
It was the climax of the movie for me.
Happy Face
Happy Face 1 답글 연결
God is in the rain
LN P 답글 연결
Italy always had an amazing tradition of composers.
Dario Marianelli is certanly up to that tradition. I mean, come on...
Ozymandias 28
Ozymandias 28 55 답글 연결
I copied the link of this video to share it, but when I tried to Ctrl+V it didn't work, because nobody can contol V...
LAmotionPics 답글
+YT Tibova genius!
AEguy Productions
AEguy Productions 2 답글
Clever :D
Vendeh 69 답글 연결
anyone noticed this song in the fantastic beasts trailer?
Partha Roy
Partha Roy 답글
+Adrian Ethan agreed
Adrian Ethan
Adrian Ethan 3 답글
Not quite.. a variation but still a different song
Partha Roy
Partha Roy 답글
yeah , they too included the tone in orchestra :/
Joyce Chen
Joyce Chen 답글
YES I just commented on this on that trailer!
podvodoi 답글
+Vendeh dude did you know you're huge? because that's fucking YES
the pads and background are just the same
Ewenson 002
Ewenson 002 답글 연결
I want this to be the theme of Jon Snow coming back to life!
Jillian Allen
Jillian Allen 8 답글 연결
Dario Marianelli is up there with Hans Zimmer and John Williams for me. If you haven't heard Awaken by Dario Marianelli, which he composed for the 2011 Jane Eyre soundtrack, go listen to it. It's stunning
Ian Lewczynski
Ian Lewczynski 1 답글
The soundtrack for Everest is another masterpiece by Dario. :)
김동명 1 답글
+Jillian Allen It really is. I think Marianelli's best is the score in Jane Eyre. He stands with those two composers truly
NaftorFilms 답글 연결
Me hace sentir cosas esta cancion, es hermosa
caiotoaliari00 답글 연결
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