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Billy Squier - The Stroke
아티스트: Billy Squier
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Now everybody Have you heard If you're in the game Then the stroke's the word Don't take no rhythm Don't take no style Gotta thirst for killin' Grab your vial and Put your right hand out Give a firm handshake Talk to me about that one big break Spread your Ear Pollution Both far and wide Keep your contributions By your side and Stroke me, stroke me Could be a winner boy you move mighty well Stroke me, stroke me (Stroke) Stroke me, stroke me You got your number down Stroke me, stroke me Say you're a winner but man You're just a sinner now Put your left foot out Keep it all in place Work your way Right into my face First you try to bet me You make my backbone slide When you find you've bent me Slip on by and Stroke me, stroke me Give me the reason this is all night long Stroke me, stroke me (Stroke) Stroke me, stroke me Get yourself together boy Stroke me, stroke me Say you're a winner but man You're just a sinner now (Stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke) Better listen now Said it ain't no joke Don't let your conscience fail ya' Just do the stroke Don't ya' take no chances Keep your eye on top Do your fancy dances You can't stop you just Stroke me, stroke me (Stroke, stroke) Stroke me, stroke me (Stroke, stroke) Stroke me, stroke me (Stroke, stroke) Stroke me, stroke me (Stroke) Stroke me, stroke me (Stroke) Stroke me, stroke me (Stroke) Stroke me, stroke me (Stroke) Stroke me, stroke me Say you're a winner but man You're just a sinner now

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Brad Young
Brad Young 75 답글 연결
This among other greats of the 70s n 80s were done so well they are still used today by today's crap excuse for talent to make their music tolerable. I'm just glad i can say i lived through the 80s n 90s because when todays world pisses me off i still have memories of a better and prospering time of our country n world. Just my .02 n Billy is the man and luckily one of the few good artists of today used his song n not some beiber nimrod
Dylan Caro
Dylan Caro 28 답글 연결
it's a good song
julian guerrero
julian guerrero 14 답글 연결
Cool song
M Bolt
M Bolt 32 답글 연결
The late Jeff Golub on lead guitar!!!!
xXLaZyB0neZXx 201 답글 연결
Hopefully Guardians of the Galaxy will bring me here in 2017
nunna urbiz
nunna urbiz 117 답글 연결
in '82 us teen little girls thought this was sooo naughty...lol  still love it...saw him that year...awesome !!
Cassius Turner
Cassius Turner 116 답글 연결
I'm here because of bezerk 😁
Balsey Dean De Witt, Jr.
you have no idea!
Brave Star
Brave Star 210 답글 연결
Only here because of Billy Squier and 'The Stroke'.
'Berzerk' just shows Eminem has great taste in music across all genres.
JAAM013 157 답글 연결
I'm here from Billy Madison. Anyone else?
Rajeev Jha
Rajeev Jha 6 답글 연결
I picked this up in the opening sequence of "The Hot Spot" and am Glad I did ;)
aaliyah catlayah
aaliyah catlayah 137 답글 연결
((; that moment when ur still jamming to the stuff ur mom was when she was ur age
Scout The Toon Dog
Scout The Toon Dog 48 답글 연결
Who likes eminem? Classic is the best! Jk love you both ;)
Eternal Chilled
Eternal Chilled 14 답글 연결
Im here from lonely is the night
Lisa Marie TwoTeeth Perdue
This is the shit
ron curran
ron curran 61 답글 연결
one of the great rock songs of all time
BBFlame24two 390 답글 연결
Not here from Berzerk, here from Blades of Glory 🌚
Bobbo Figg
Bobbo Figg 2 답글 연결
Kane Wieland
Kane Wieland 11 답글 연결
absolute classic, pure rock
Marcel Zahr
Marcel Zahr 1 답글 연결
I like it from the 80s

Marcel Zahr
Marcel Zahr 답글 연결
I like my song from Eminem
Dave Wollenberg
Dave Wollenberg 1 답글 연결
Billboard's #76 song of the '81 survey year. Thanx for postin' it. Have a blessed week!
mayagayam 5 답글 연결
I just realized it's not 20 years - but 30 years - that I've been moved by the minor chords and primal intensity of Billy's voice (where have the years gone). It's only now that I'm hearing the brilliant expression and critique of the painful life in the music industry that - I now see - has been such a huge part of his history. Hm. The gift that keeps giving. Thank you for that!
FloriSanchez 4 답글 연결
Melanie.....lol.....couldn't help but look at the package too
Denis Ladouceur
Denis Ladouceur 1 답글 연결
1:27 - 1:30 GANGNAM STYLE
Melanie Marnye
Melanie Marnye 2 답글 연결
What a classic song and beautiful package. Dont hate ! You know you couldn't stop looking either.
snidelywhiplash 15 답글 연결
I'm gonna probably make some people mad here - this song is NOT about masturbation. It's about "stroking" someone's ego - particularly with relation to the music business.
Franzi Tralala
Franzi Tralala 4 답글 연결
Christie Owl Child
Christie Owl Child 6 답글 연결
Nope like for blades of glory haha
David 3 답글 연결
Go Berzerk

Антон Ерофеев
Eminem 41 years old!!! :D
Bowser 답글 연결
My favorite song when I was a kid!
Norman Mclean
Norman Mclean 1 답글 연결
I'm here because I like billy and his songs before eminem sampled this! 8)
HalGio Dude502
HalGio Dude502 1 답글 연결
I taught a woman singed this song.
2013venjix 2 답글 연결
I heard this song before "Berzerk".
twcrusher 2 답글 연결
I wonder how many Berzerk viewers will know who the other musical genius in the video is?
KungfuMaster63 1 답글 연결
Bezerk made me remember what an awesome song this is :)
David Labay
David Labay 2 답글 연결
The original sounds so much better than sampled chewed-gum bits...
Jürgen Keller
Jürgen Keller 1 답글 연결
Everybody cause Eminem ;)
Mike Montague
Mike Montague 1 답글 연결
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