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Trick Daddy - Let's Go
아티스트: Trick Daddy
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[Lil Jon:] Yeah (Yeaaaahhhh!) Theres a lotta fuck niggas in the club tonight, (fuck em, fuck em, fuck em) but its gonna be aight, (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) cuz me and my clique we dont give a fuck nigga. Trick Daddy, Jim Johnson, Big D, Lil Jon [Hook:] Lets Gooooo! (Lets Gooooo!) If you want it you can get it let me know (let me know), I'm bout to fuck a nigga up, Lets Gooooo! (Lets Gooooo!) If you want it you can get it let me know (let me know), I'm bout to fuck a nigga up, Lets Gooooo! (Lets Gooooo!) [Trick Daddy:] If you want some, come get some, cuz where I'm from we tote big guns, And everybody know somebody that know somebody that know somethin bout it, And I want answers now who, what, where, when and why, see, a lotta dudes like to act a fool and all get all loud but that aint my style, and he who he gonna get and what he gonna do, run up on me if he want to, Out there impressin his homies, but he stood up in front of his mama, I mop up the flo wit em, And I kick in the door and let the .44 get em, I got fools that'll go get em, That's for him, his crew and the dudes that run wit em. [Hook] [Twista:] gotta spit for the murderas and the killas and the thugstas, that be fuckin up the ballas and the dealas and the hustlas, got me comin at you bokas in the V.I. while they bumpin lil jon I'm a brush ya, Its the psycho nigga twista from Chicago rollin with the Miami nigga that'll crush ya, We already been lookin for drama if a nigga try to get it to then we still gotta get em, Feelin fury from my tough shit that cant never be true And the penicillin I'm telling you Trick of in and still em Got me swingin crysie and hennessy bottles, in the club with my thug homies goin for the skrilla, Don't get it twisted with that overnight celebrity you better be scared of me in my city I'm a killa. [Hook] [Trick Daddy:] I ain't that rappin type arright, and I that actin type arright, this sulphane in my script, I'm a play on you and you just a square, see, once that hennessy into me the whole industry is my enemy, If you aint no ten to me or friend to me, bitch don't pretend to be, I'm strictly for the thugs, I'm part of the streets and straight out the hood, That moments ghetto (ghetto), Got me deep in gats for you wheezly cats, I'm straight out the county of Dade, played on fire nigga M-I-A, never gone south of the border, americas most wanted you gonna get slaughtered. [Hook 2x] [Trick Daddy:] The AK go chop, chop, chop, chop The SK go fire, fire, fire, fire The AK go chop, chop, chop, chop The SK go fire, fire, fire, fire

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Billy Jaggard
Billy Jaggard 답글 연결
Let's go
FK yo FEELINS 답글 연결
When the world made sense!?
Brn knt
Brn knt 답글 연결
Damn!!! Club hot!
Magdalena Barajas
This song I play to get my son hype for his football game! #throwback
Pitschugin Maxim
Pitschugin Maxim 답글 연결
Still a dope Song in 2017🎸
Angela perturbada
eay galera uuu
Shawntel Johnson
Shawntel Johnson 답글 연결
Love it!
Tim Thomas
Tim Thomas 1 답글 연결
2017 still slappin!
CodyPlayz Games
CodyPlayz Games 답글 연결
its so shit as hell
Dominick Turoski
Dominick Turoski 답글 연결
Yo is that khaled at 3:20? 😂😂😂
Lawrence ville
Lawrence ville 1 답글 연결
im 26 and juz found out this is an Ozzy Osborne sample
Brad Powell
Brad Powell 답글 연결
3:20 I see you Khaled
Panda Nigga23
Panda Nigga23 답글 연결
Lucas Calixto
Lucas Calixto 답글 연결
Mano e muito bom quando ele dis lets gol com voz grossa
Jennifer Reed
Jennifer Reed 답글 연결
HD 📺
George K07
George K07 답글 연결
Angela perturbada
Jarrett Ajay
Jarrett Ajay 답글 연결
This was hip hop
Jarrett Ajay
Jarrett Ajay 답글 연결
My childhood
T Taylor
T Taylor 답글 연결
Yeah, I'm listening to this shit in 2017!

QueMolly 답글 연결
HighSchool FootBall Games
samuel fernand
samuel fernand 답글 연결
lol lil John is actually lil
Jose Amezcua
Jose Amezcua 답글 연결
This song still dope af
I went into the club and followed Lil John's advice and looked at all the niggas int eh club and said "FUCK THOSE NIGGAS. FUCK EM!"
B. Moriarty
B. Moriarty 답글 연결
Damn, highshcool jam right here. If this song came on and you weren't bout it, you better get the fuck out the way.
jasmine Mosby
jasmine Mosby 답글 연결
actually it was that car commercial where they song Crazy Train by Ozzy. Now I just want to know who was the genius who put his genius in a beat.😏
Jaroslaw Glowacz
Jaroslaw Glowacz 1 답글 연결
Un-moral/immoral lyrics in song!!! !!! !!! Although good musically. : (
Jaroslaw Glowacz
Jaroslaw Glowacz 1 답글
I reported this to YouTube!= "Promotes murder! Despite that children in this musicvideo dancing! ".
Quavon Smith
Quavon Smith 답글 연결
bad neighbors bought me here or it was Shelby
An2net Marie
An2net Marie 답글 연결
Good stuff!
Rick Rodriguez
Rick Rodriguez 답글 연결
7-12-2017 at 8:36 A.M.

Let's goooo!

Yahya Iaa
Yahya Iaa 답글 연결
twista is the rap god
rapfiend91 답글 연결
Everyone was bumpin this tune in the day!
Djonatan Machado
Djonatan Machado 답글 연결
Legitt World
Legitt World 답글 연결
2017 first to say (fuck nigga) award goes to lil john 🏆 $os1
joshua francis
joshua francis 답글 연결
what a rip off. got the music from ozzy osbourne's crazy train.
King Joseph
King Joseph 답글 연결
stomp the yard
egil kake
egil kake 답글 연결
Twista rips the shitt out of this
Breenud39 TV
Breenud39 TV 1 답글 연결
Who found this song from the Lazy Town remix?
Rayneisha Boo
Rayneisha Boo 답글 연결
Cherilyn Honess
Cherilyn Honess 답글 연결
wow, lmao! this is still the shit!! TAP! love it! Where's the fight?!