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M.I.A. - Matangi
아티스트: M.I.A.

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It's so simple get to the floor [x10] [Hook:] Immina immina thana thana Ingana ingana giiina giiina Matangi [x2] [Verse 1:] Somalia Bosnia Cuba Colombia Equador Mexico Bhutan Morocco Botswana Ghana India Serbia Libya Lebanon Gambia Namibia Bali Mali Chile Malawi Bequai St Vincent Trinidad and Norway China Canada U.S.A. U.K Nepal Nigeria Ethiopia North Myanmar Panama Philippines Nicaragua Palestine and Greece Peru and France It's so simple do the dance [Bridge:] Pretty raw Get to the floor Came up listening to war war Weekend breaks in Singapore Preach like a priest I sing like a whore Do you want more? Do you want more? Do you know what I got in store? Do you want more? Do you want more? It's so simple get to the floor [Hook] It's so simple get to the floor Do you want more? Do you want more? Do you know what I got in store? [Hook] [Verse 2:] I'm ice cream And you're sorbet They got guns but it points the wrong way Yeah I'm on it they cirque de soleil They make big sounds with nothing to say School of fakeness I'm school of hard knocks You're here to fool us I'm here to take shots Look-alike, copycat Doppelgänger, fraud They ain't got nothing on me Now I'm getting bored If you're gonna be me you need a manifesto If you ain't got one you better get one presto Yeah you got money we sell bootlegs only When the shit counts our numbers way plenty We started at the bottom but Drake gets all the credit Paper route or life route yeah we be ready [Hook]

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Lamin Njie
Lamin Njie 답글 연결
When The Smiling Coast of Gambia got mentioned and you all filled with Pride...satisfaction!
Geewhiz Momma
Geewhiz Momma 답글 연결
does ANYONEEEE know what that bit is at 4:17/ What's it sampled off/ I NEED MORE
She said Perú 😍😍. I Love her,I lover her 😍😍
Sophie Ananiadou
Sophie Ananiadou 답글 연결
dead people
dead people 답글 연결
Tapatio Jalisquillo
Zonin 답글 연결
The part near the end is just the best
Mauricio Pizarro
Mauricio Pizarro 답글 연결
Катя Красоткина
Россия 💪🏻💪🏻💪💪
Courtney Nyberg
Courtney Nyberg 답글 연결
This album has been out since 2013? How did I miss this the last 4 years?! I've wasted too much time not listening to it! :P
Nyar ttaffom
Nyar ttaffom 답글
Courtney Nyberg dhe relased another album last year too enjoy :D
Then & Now Art Gallery
It's so simple, do the dance.
Samuel Adams
Samuel Adams 답글 연결
tu amiga maria xd
tu amiga maria xd 1 답글 연결
m e x i c o
sure what mía is the best
oh really?
oh really? 1 답글 연결
She mentions Palestine :)
Andrew Mcauley
Andrew Mcauley 답글 연결
This young lady is fantastic though a difficult start to her life to stardom thankfully she never forgot her roots or her beginning well done matangi also the story of this goddess tradition is one of difficulties too considered to be a tantric form of saraswati created from food that fell from a table at which Lord vishnu Sri laxsmi and Lord shiva and Sri parvati where enjoying a meal unfortunately for matangi this led to a tradition in India that requires worshipers to leave food outside temples in India of which is food for matangi due to this matangi complained to Lord shiva about this due to her persistent Lord shiva degreed that matangi was to be worshiped before entering any temple regardless of which deity was residing this in my opinion has led to matangi having to eat a lot of rotten food and has been her work ever since such a terrible way to exist personally when I heard about this story I was horrified and I prayed for matangi and ask the Lords and lady's of the Indian pantheon to stop this terrible tradition in fact the creation of saraswati is also a story of difficulty too born as the first woman satpa Rupa born from the tasmic energy of Lord brahma unfortunately for satpa rupa she of a hundred forms her father couldn't take his eyes of her due to her amazing beauty this led to satpa Rupa running from her father and every time she escaped Lord brahma gaze he would grow another head until he had four heads watching her in every direction so satpa Rupa decided to leap over Lord brahma at which he grow another head in this instance Lord shiva materialised and cut of this fifth head during to the fact Lord shiva considered Lord brahma actions to be improper as sapta Rupa was his daughter this led also to Lord shiva banning the worship of Lord brahma in India and this is evident as there is only one temple dedicated to Lord Brahma in pushkar rajasthan India this is also not the only story about Lord brahmas disrespect due to his behaviour but that's a story for another time but considering that I would like to say congratulations to this young lady and I hope she continues to have a more success and a better life than her namesake good luck matangi
Leo XR250
Leo XR250 1 답글 연결
She forgot Argentina :(
Eleanor Brooklyn
Eleanor Brooklyn 1 답글 연결
She said France 😎
Павле Обућина
SERBIA! 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
Then & Now Art Gallery
trinidad, and norway, china, canada, usa and uk

Lorenzo Silva
Lorenzo Silva 2 답글 연결
wanna go to the beach and bump this while dancing near a campfire ✌
Femme Boy
Femme Boy 답글 연결
SHITTIEST Music Ever!!!!!!! She's totally CRAP!!! Overrated freak just because she's new for other countries!!! Yuck!!!
adriano 702
adriano 702 1 답글 연결
Maya Mia
Maya Mia 답글 연결
everyone can't be the best
littleafriccaa 1 답글 연결
LMAOOO this sounds like illuminati cult music but I love it
サリマ 1 답글 연결
Morocco 🌸
viuda de Papuz
viuda de Papuz 답글 연결
Carmina 답글 연결
matangi la changui :v
Dave Pancham
Dave Pancham 2 답글 연결
Woohhh Trinidad!
Pilar Herrera
Pilar Herrera 1 답글 연결
MÉXICO 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

Leila Rivera
Leila Rivera 1 답글 연결
i didn't understand tha first part. but she ain't say our country my mom country. BUT it's her beats i fux with actually. she ain't bad get m.i.a.!
clothilde hn
clothilde hn 답글 연결
Don't listen with headphone
Sophie Stott
Sophie Stott 답글 연결
Omfg Sub to me plzzzzz
Freedom is_Not_a_Right
Love it that she leaves out Israhell and gives props to Palestine
Freedom is_Not_a_Right
One of her best IMO
Trinidad checkin in!!!! T&T
minny mouse
minny mouse 1 답글 연결
Trinidad 🇹🇹🔴⚫️⚪️
Will Holbert
Will Holbert 2 답글 연결
sounds like a call out song.... girl getting revenge... and the remix at the end is dope
Stephanie Sullivan
Stephanie Sullivan 1 답글 연결
Such a bad ass album!
Jairo Bravo
Jairo Bravo 답글 연결
Jennifer Hudson is using the same photo effect in her new single Remember Me! I think M.I.A should know about this!