Step Out 가사

José González - Step Out
아티스트: José González
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Time to step outside, time to step outside Time to step out, time to step out Time to step outside, time to step outside Time to step outside you House on fire, leave it all behind you Dark as night, let the lightning guide you Step outside, time to step outside, time to step outside Time to step outside you House on fire, leave it all behind you Living life, feeding appetites Stayed through every hard stop, every go Being bland Breathing half the time House on fire, leave it all behind you Dark as night, let the lightning guide you Step outside, time to step outside, time to step outside Time to step out Broke tooth Monday Something's not the same Blank head, crossed eyes sweep the floor Feel your presence In your absence shut the door House on fire, leave it all behind you Dark as night, let the lightning guide you

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Tamás V
Tamás V 답글 연결
I was down, my life was collapsed. This movie and especially this music made me pack my stuff on Thursday 4 weeks ago and made me sit on a plane headed to Scotland on Friday. I've travelled unknown places, met interesting people, walked alone all day long and experienced the most magical 11 days of my life. I've set the music player to shuffle and when this piece popped in, I was almost at the top of UK's highest mountain and I suddenly realized what I've done and where I am and made me feel the most strange thing in my life... cry in hapiness and because of the beauty of the view and all what happened.
David Perez
David Perez 답글 연결
"Beautiful things don't ask for attention."
Roxanna Garner
Roxanna Garner 답글 연결
This song makes me want to drop out of school and travel the world by myself
StarPlaysGames 답글 연결
i m here from a fan made su trailer
Anastasiya Kulebakina
awesome movie.. 😄
CiArivle 답글 연결
I can imagine no better way of listening to this than while taking off on a plane!
mrhajko 1 답글 연결
0:33 Balls on fire
Gene L.
Gene L. 답글 연결
2:55 My favourite part.
Nibbanasoul 답글 연결
from captain Mitty.House on fire leave it all behind you,darkness:get to the light.Time to step out.Feel your presence in your absence shut the door.Peace inside out
has400 답글 연결
peachy fam?
Stefan 답글 연결
I would not be the entrepreneur I am today without this song.
ZEZA 답글 연결
i feel like im wasting my life for long time ago....
Vicente Gonzalez
Vicente Gonzalez 답글 연결
Beautiful movie... really. Great soundtrack.
Huaqi Zhang
Huaqi Zhang 답글 연결
I have been looking for this song for long time but I don't know the name. Aha, I can not believe I find it because of the movie. I love both the movie and the song. TO SEE THE WORLD, THING DANGEROUS TO COME.
arosvaldo Barbosa
o melhor filme que assisti em 2016!
Ashley Nguyen
Ashley Nguyen 답글 연결
Who else came here from
Ashley's video? ❤😂
Mindy Auron
Mindy Auron 답글
Ashley Nguyen Disney 90's Supercut
The three Horse lovers
Who came here from Ashely Nichole's 2016 favorites video? 🙋🏼
Mindy Auron
Mindy Auron 답글
The three Horse lovers Disney 90's Supercut
Cris Vas
Cris Vas 1 답글
No Arms Billy's Cum face
No Arms Billy's Cum face 2 답글
Your user name sounds like a nasty porn video title.
Izzy 1 답글
lmao me!
Claire Hand
Claire Hand 1 답글
The three Horse lovers yup
Jeremiah Fernandez
Reminds me of Switchfoot
Royalty free music by _Sinewave
love it!
vienna weiss
vienna weiss 1 답글 연결
One Christmas, a few years back, I got on a plane, without much in my pocket and no anchor to hold me back. Until that moment I thought I knew what living was, but everyday since then has opened my eyes even wider, what an incredible experience. This film means so much to me, my life isn't for everyone, but to those folks who "step out".... I wish you a great journey!

Paddy Murphy
Paddy Murphy 답글 연결
The superb soundtrack of this movie seemed out of place when compared to the crudity of it's special effects and the skills of it's sub-par actors.
Harry Heywood
Harry Heywood 2 답글 연결
About to head out the door to head for Death Valley NP on a backpacking trip - and I'm just listening to some of my favorite travel songs before I go (all of them being from Walter mitty XD
Harry Heywood
Harry Heywood 답글
Alex Eclavea Thanks man! I just got back, it was an amazing trip. I can't wait for the next one, wherever that may be.
Alex Eclavea
Alex Eclavea 1 답글
great choices, my friend! best of luck on your adventures!
Tara Van Kleef
Tara Van Kleef 2 답글 연결
I'm in the airport right now. I couldn't be happier listening to this song
Christian Sampson
Why is it that almost every song in the Walter Mitty soundtrack have vocals from Jose Gonzales? I don't have a problem, I'm just wondering.
D4G 답글
Christian Sampson I'm pretty sure Ben stiller who starred and also directed the film wanted Jose gonzales because of the way his voice sounds and I think it was a smart choice.
Alex Eclavea
Alex Eclavea 답글
Maybe the director/producer of the movie liked the vibe his voice brought so they had him work with the other artists to make something cool!
HyenaWafflz 2 답글 연결
Beautiful things don't ask for recognition.
Gravity Universe
Gravity Universe 8 답글 연결
Who came here for the Steven universe trailer?
Mindy Auron
Mindy Auron 답글
Gravity Universe Disney 90's Supercut
Purple Kitty
Purple Kitty 답글
Gravity Universe MEEEEE
blue snowdrop
blue snowdrop 1 답글
Meep <3
Hunter Howe
Hunter Howe 답글
Mee <3
Jimmy Jawa
Jimmy Jawa 답글 연결
That Samsung VR commercial got me here.
SuperDavester 1 답글 연결
Spain's Got Talent brought me here.
Nerflover10097 답글 연결
Red Dead Redemption brought me here.
Элита Неверных
what a song. amazing

ubaldo898 1 답글 연결
the best movie i can see this man
Geeky Gamer Girl Reactions
fresh baked replay buttons!
Caio Brito
Caio Brito 답글 연결
Nelson Medrano Ordóñez
is this a post rock song? I'm trying to define it
Indie folk
Mook Sook
Mook Sook 답글 연결
<3 Amazing movie , and amazing sountrack
Melissa Lopez
Melissa Lopez 1 답글 연결
OmazingE30 2 답글 연결
if music could molest... i would be so molested right now!!
genta ilham
genta ilham 답글
dude.. thats so fckd up
MrHamish999 18 답글 연결
I heard someone on my bus singing the extended "woah" bit of this song, but was too scared to ask them what song it is, you have no idea how hard it is to find a song where the only lyrics you know to it are just "woah"; kinda proud of myself right now.
Roxanna Garner
Roxanna Garner 답글
MrHamish999 go find that person and give them a hug
DefineSilence 4 답글
And it could have been so much simpler if you had just asked! haha, don't be afraid to talk to people :)
Noah Herrera
Noah Herrera 1 답글 연결
Ben stiller? more like Ben Stellar!! thank you for directing such a beautiful film!!! and thank you for putting Jose out there!!! ❤❤✊✊✊✊
Christine Gagne
Christine Gagne 5 답글 연결
I watched this movie and found I was uplifted, that I wanted to watch it again and again. SO I bought it and have watched it on the plane, on the bus going places. It's awesome! Plus the music, photography, the locations, the script, acting, it's perfect! Thanks for making it!
catlover12195 1 답글
I need to buy the movie so I can do that, definitely my favorite movie because it is so beautiful with a perfect soundtrack and it inspires me.
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