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Karen O - The Moon Song
아티스트: Karen O

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I'm lying on the moon My dear, I'll be there soon It's a quiet starry place Time's we're swallowed up In space we're here a million miles away There's things I wish I knew There's no thing I keep from you It's a dark and shiny place But with you my dear I'm safe and we're a million miles away We're lying on the moon It's a perfect afternoon Your shadow follows me all day Making sure that I'm okay and We're a million miles away

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몽환의숲쉿 답글 연결
Anytime, anywhere I listen to this, I feel lonely with thinking of my ex-girlfriend..
The Dardans
The Dardans 답글 연결
Just a heads up, a dude fapped to a cover of this song.
Manuel Alejandro
Manuel Alejandro 답글 연결
Fuck depression man, fuck your depressing comments. This song reminds me of actual love and looking forward to the moment you go back to your gf/bf/whatever, being happy and chill sharing stuff. Like the distance will end, and you will meet and love each other.
Anas Mobeen Malik
Please take a look at my writings on anasmobeen.wordpress.com
it would be nice gesture, thank you!
jojopinedaxd 1 답글 연결
tan the ice
tan the ice 답글 연결
No, this is not Karen O. Her voice is more mellow and dreamy
Cordelia Lee
Cordelia Lee 답글 연결
I LOVE this song! X)
Mike Ochondria
Mike Ochondria 답글 연결
one of the most innocent and romantic songs in such a beautiful, romantic movie.... this song just makes me ache for love like that. how strange that one of the most romantic movies of all time is about a man and an o.s.... and yet it never feels anything but utterly, beautifully genuine.
Javokhir Kha
Javokhir Kha 답글 연결
i am totally alone
Aleyna Çiftçi
Aleyna Çiftçi 답글 연결
No. I'm not crying.
Mac Attack
Mac Attack 답글 연결
Alex 💔
Jirapong Phuchancharoen
Chicken Tortortila
FranSunset 답글 연결
fuck :(
Yoon sic
Yoon sic 답글 연결
The first time I heard this from the film I incredibly cried cause it reminds me of my girlfriend and I when we were in a long distance relationship. I met her online and we endured the two hard years of not being together. I love her so much even without even meeting each other yet in person. Now we're together and it's just so nostalgic hearing this again. So much love for Her
Macushla XOXO
Macushla XOXO 1 답글 연결
❤️ Sweetest and most beautiful of dreams to you my eternal love.
cayley wert
cayley wert 1 답글 연결
Elli Xabriana
Elli Xabriana 2 답글 연결
just gonna share something really painful yet beautiful.
The night of November I met a girl online on an otaku page it was 2014 and we were both young too. Then on mid December I had a crush on her and it was then that she told me she had a crush on me too so we had a relationship we went through all the hardships considering I lived in the Philippines and she was from Texas . We thought we could make it and had our hopes up even now I still do.. We lasted for three years I was going through a lot , Drugs,Broken family and she was all I had left then on our anniversary I was preparing to give her a gift which was a certificate that I'm going to check myself into a rehabilitation center to fix myself for her.. But on our exact third anniversary we broke up.. and things started tumbling down I basically ruined my life and I joined a gang, formed a syndicate, went out with all sorts of girls every other night, and I stopped attending school, and I tried getting her back saved all the money from the crimes I did. But in the end we still haven't been able to make it.. Love is a really weird thing to be honest it can be someone's success or another person's demise but despite all the hardships and dramas I'm still here wondering if she'll ever comeback.. We used to always listen to this song and both of us would share our dreams with each other,cry and felt each other's precense, this movie is such a great movie and I can relate to it so much it makes me cry like a bitch .. If you can read this Christina I'm hoping you could forgive me for all the things I did.. and I want you to know I do care and I want you to be happy I want you to enjoy your life as much as possible.. I still love you like how I did back then and it still feels like it was yesterday..
dazzlin danny
dazzlin danny 답글
GOD i feel this
Rachel 답글 연결
Someone told me to learn this song and it's so beautiful to play on the ukulele <3
Adriana Tarantino
why is this removed off of spotify

Nicholas Chen
Nicholas Chen 2 답글 연결
I was in a long distance relationship for four years. We'd talk everyday and spend every night telling each other what our days had been like. I knew everything about her and she knew everything about me. We were incredibly in love, planning for everything we'd do when we were able to finally be together. There were tough times when the distance was almost too much to bear, but the thought of our future together would keep us going. Every night we'd go to sleep smiling at the idea of being one day closer together.
A couple months ago we were finally able to go on our first real date together.

Five days later she left me for someone else and we haven't talked since. My heart is still hers.

She used to sing this song to me when we'd FaceTime because she knew it was one of my favorites and because of what it and the movie meant.
Sometimes I listen to this song and try to remember what things were like. What we were like.
I'll never hear her sing it again.
Erwin Aditiya
Erwin Aditiya 1 답글 연결
samantha T_T
Ioanna Tsouroula
Ioanna Tsouroula 답글 연결
why does her voice singing reminds me of the singer of the movie "Party" with Peter Seller? Nothing to lose?
Iamrobot 답글 연결
Anyone get a flash season 3 vibe ? No just me
VarjuHUN 답글 연결
This movie is so beautiful, and emotional! If only the ending wasn't like it was, it would be plain perfect.
Cecília Machado
Cecília Machado 답글 연결
this music makes me feel the perfect combination of pain, loneliness and hope. Can't explain it
Chiara ballone
Chiara ballone 답글 연결
There's things I wish I knew☺
Travis Durand
Travis Durand 답글 연결
That there are people who actually take this film literally is depressing. It is clearly a metaphor about the complexities of relationships, and the despair of loneliness. Anyone who takes it literally is a simp and an imbecile.
Confused where the sentence starts cuz of username
Yes, finally! I was looking for a comment like this! +1 like. I kept reading the top comments and I saw there were no dicks there and I worried that this might be the most beautiful and largest comment section on YouTube. "But, no!", I told myself. "It can't be! Imbeciles always find a way into the most beautiful of things on the internet." Like a fly managing to get into a suburban household with all their windows and doors shut, then landing on the birthday cake of 3-year-old Amy Susan. Thank you, once again, for enlightening everyone's perspective here. I think I can safely say on everyone's behalf, you are our commercial airplanes to our twin towers.
Nicolás Alberto Rodríguez Labra
I find this song so similar to an 80´s famous song. anyone knows whats song i'm talking about?
Adeli Avila
Adeli Avila 답글 연결
It's so beautiful and adictive

keezia jensen
keezia jensen 3 답글 연결
I dated a boy who lived across the country through an online dating app, though the actual love seemed a lot more magical than it probably actually was. This was our song, but I learned that he was a legit manipulative psychopath who mirrored my qualities to get me to fall in love with him, as well as a few other girls at the same time. so yea that's what this song/movie makes me think of. It felt magical to be in love so strongly without having even met or touched him, but then when I found out the truth, I realized I was alone the whole time. it taught me that you can fall in love while completely alone.
ml k
ml k 답글 연결
OMG this song makes me feel somehow lonely...
Oğulcan Nizam
Oğulcan Nizam 답글 연결
I watched Black Mirror and find her movie find this song LOL
Aesthetic Charlie
I'm watching the sun set go and listening to this
Master Roshi
Master Roshi 답글 연결
maybe we'll meet again someday.

doubt it...
YoMama_online 답글 연결
YoMama_online fucks with this, a fat blunt and a cup of whiskey
Daniel901car 1 답글 연결
I saw this movie with her when we were still together. At that time I did not understand the movie, nor why she was so moved to see it. Now she left, and I saw the movie again alone, and in this part, exactly in this precise part I began to cry. It was like our own story, and I could not understand it. Now, every time I listen to this song, I remember the best moments of my life, right before everything was over.
Brandon Tea
Brandon Tea 답글 연결
May I know the genre of the music? Or perhaps similar musician?
Hari Rizki
Hari Rizki 답글 연결
Hmmm khaiyo
Laney Lullaby
Laney Lullaby 답글 연결
A handsome boy told me this song reminds him of me. Makes my heart sing.