The Age of Man

Fringe Element - The Age of Man
아티스트: Fringe Element
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Garron Helm
Garron Helm 1 답글 연결
"Do I look to be in a gaming mood?"
Lambothe1st 답글 연결
It actually is. /watch?v=npvJ9FTgZbM. The song has just been out for a while.
Shea Lupkes
Shea Lupkes 답글 연결
Dick Cummington
Dick Cummington 답글 연결
"Published on Jun 11, 2012" gee you think
101Fisan 답글 연결
A short young boy (Age: 12) named Alistair starts having dreams about a man chasing him as a child and his grandfather.The nightmares become more vivid by each passing night until one scares him awake at midnight.He then wakes up in an unknown field of grass with his unconscious grandfather by his side. Wild dogs attack him, but a strange green aura flows from his surroundings into him. Then, it all explodes in a flash outwards. When he wakes up again, he is back in his bed. That's all for now.
Cool. What is is about?
101Fisan 답글 연결
It's not finished yet though
101Fisan 답글 연결
:O What's the title?
TheBigRedMario 답글 연결
"You face an enemy, known only to a few..." "Known only to one!"
Camw1n 답글 연결
Always thought this suited Star Trek better lol
TfJedisuper 답글 연결
thor 2!
Rift Warden
Rift Warden 답글 연결
or Dormammu?
2 peoples heads spontaneously combusted from listening to this.
dude your skull is kinda on fire.
101Fisan 답글 연결
a mix of sci-fi and fantasy with a modern twist. it's going to be for teenagers. the book is called Awakened.
Yaviel 답글 연결
what book? im writing too :)
SoulFlyer133 답글 연결
Ghost Rider with a staff?
SiLver 답글 연결
Good luck with it.
Diablo BobCat
Diablo BobCat 답글 연결

Jay King
Jay King 답글 연결
new dark souls pyromancers. =D
The Mayan
The Mayan 답글 연결
wow looks like the ghost rider vs the headless horsemen haha
Naite Ryuzakih
Naite Ryuzakih 답글 연결
wwhat the hell is spawn and ghost rider doing there!?
101Fisan 답글 연결
Kingdoms Come
Kingdoms Come 답글 연결
please no! not nicholas cage!
Jhon Alex
Jhon Alex 답글 연결
well well well...now i have and inspiration :D..
servyne 답글 연결
A good :P I had that screw me over once, didn't know there was a story like mine out there. Anyway, it's good that it's different, now i'm looking forward to buying your work in the stores even more, so you go do your best mate ;p!
101Fisan 답글 연결
i really liked that book, but my book is pretty different. it has the same themes, though, but a lot of books have that.
servyne 답글 연결
Aha, it does sound interesting, but i think you should take a look at the novel: I Am Number Four, and its follow-up. The premise is almost identical. Don't want to ruin your idea, but I've had this same conflict with my own novels a few times.
fanboys 답글 연결
This would be epic for a skyrim boss fight

stupszwerg 답글 연결
thx ^^
101Fisan 답글 연결
you too
101Fisan 답글 연결
5 children that have to stop Earth from being taken over. they discover they aren't actually from Earth. it's like a mix between fantasy with a modern twist and science fiction.
stupszwerg 답글 연결
oh wow :D I wish you good luck and fun with your book ;o)
servyne 답글 연결
Oh, fascinating, what's it about?
Justinien Tetaud
Justinien Tetaud 답글 연결
Ayrebird 답글 연결
Definitely feeling a Mass Effect vibe in this one. Love it!
_ Lucid
_ Lucid 답글 연결
The Mystical Ghost Rider
Armendicus 답글 연결
The kings of hell are at war with each other..
Vesorias 답글 연결
I swear I've heard this before . . . Is there a similar TSFH song, or was this used in a trailer?
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