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Clutch - Electric Worry
아티스트: Clutch
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Well you made me weep and you made me moan When you caused me to leave, child, my happy home. But someday, baby, you ain't gonna worry my life anymore. I get satisfaction everywhere I go. Where I lay my head - that's where I call home. Whether barren pines, or the mission stare, Take tomorrow's collar and give 'em back the glare. Bang, bang, bang, bang! Vamanos, vamanos. Bang, bang, bang! Vamanos, vamanos. You told everybody in the neighborhood what a dirty mistreater. That I was no good. But someday, baby, you ain't gonna worry my life anymore. Doctor or lawyer, I'll never be. Life of a drifter - only life for me, You can have your riches, all the gold you saved. Cause' ain't room for one thing in everybody's grave. Bang, bang, bang, bang! Vamanos, vamanos! Bang, bang, bang! Vamanos, vamanos! If I had money, like Henry Ford, Lord, I'd have me a woman, yeah on every road. But Someday, baby, you ain't gonna worry my life any more. Invocation of the dummies, requiem for a head, Cash in at the corner, piles of street cred. I get satisfaction everywhere I go. One day baby you'll worry me no more. Bang, bang, bang, bang! Vamanos, vamanos! Bang, bang, bang! Vamanos, vamanos!

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Ian Billingham
Ian Billingham 답글 연결
"Kill all son's o' bitches! That's my official instruction! :)
Tino Vilaro
Tino Vilaro 답글 연결
let's go! vamonos!
Fabrox 답글 연결
vamonos vamonos not vamanos vamanos :"v
Gerardo ಠ_ಠ
Gerardo ಠ_ಠ 답글 연결
Im pretty sure is "Vamonos" no "Vamanos"
Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor 답글 연결
Oh ooh oh! = anymore. Can't believe someone thought that was legit. Psychic warfare is real.
Ss 240 v spec
Ss 240 v spec 답글 연결
ShadowMosses 1998
l4d :')
jon merimon
jon merimon 답글 연결
very old song but good song
By Max
By Max 답글 연결
Abe Banerman
Abe Banerman 답글 연결
la grange
crazy o. g
crazy o. g 1 답글 연결
Left 4 dead 3
A53rr420 답글
crazy o. g I hope so my friend :(
Cristian Sanchez
Cristian Sanchez 답글 연결
Its Vamonos*
Wil Powered97
Wil Powered97 답글 연결
Salvador from Borderlands 2?!, Is that you?!
OmegaBlack2609 1 답글 연결
Salvador's theme song.
James Hager Jr.
James Hager Jr. 답글 연결
I thought Neil says,you aint worry my life,anymore....learn something new everyday I guess
Jeldson Youtuber
Jeldson Youtuber 답글 연결
At 1:17 That's Reminds Me My Memories Are Back When Im Watching Ellis Story Gmod For 1 Year Ago When I Dont have Youtube Account last year
cj 96
cj 96 답글 연결
I mean good video, but instead of just listening and guessing the lyrics why dont you actually go get them offline so they're right huh?
Bryan Carr
Bryan Carr 답글 연결
no shit was just saying that's the first thing that pops in my head everytime I hear this song
ja wey
ja wey 답글 연결
ja wey
ja wey 답글 연결

fer mudinyourface
fer mudinyourface 4 답글 연결
I think that may be Vámonos,  vámonos. Something like Let' s go in Spanish. Love Clutch and this song anyway
Joshua The master of squids
it actually is literally "Lets go!!"
Shutdown The Gamer
please help me i can't get this song outta my Recommended section
Florida '79
Florida '79 답글
Trust me, have the problem on the occasion, I live with it, good writing music for action scenes, gets the blood pumping.
Shutdown The Gamer
Shutdown The Gamer 답글
+Tab 13 best song i ever heard but i keep miss clicking it when im trying to click something else hell it keeps copying it twice
Florida '79
Florida '79 답글
Just chill man, at least the song isn't shit, keep it there, should inspirate you
ximoshu 답글 연결
... Your Welcome ...
Foxy The Pirate
Foxy The Pirate 1 답글 연결
what you know L4D2 I KNOW THAT TO
Nathan Lubben
Nathan Lubben 5 답글 연결
my dad cums on me most nights
Shu'ulathoi [Advisor]
Chupachu 답글 연결
These monsters are tryin' to KILL me!
Bryan Carr
Bryan Carr 3 답글 연결
reminds me of the opening scene of bay town outlaws
Shayne Swan
Shayne Swan 4 답글
Bryan Carr That's because it's the opening song in that movie
TheRealDirtyDan 7 답글 연결
I've been looking for this for like 3 years now
Clipper2018 9 답글 연결
This song reminds me of when L4D2 was just coming out, ah the good old days, back when shooters weren't so over complicated
Mitchell Serritella
Mitchell Serritella 답글

Schneidropov 답글 연결
L4D >:D
Robert Strickland
Robert Strickland 3 답글 연결
your lyrics are wrong!
AntunV5 13 답글 연결
Wooo! This brings memories of L4D! Damn... this song is perfect for that game.
Taylor Orton
Taylor Orton 답글
Ethan Allen
Ethan Allen 답글
I'm Decent
I'm Decent 1 답글 연결
Kill all sonsa bitches. That's my official instructions.
That Freaking Engineer
That Freaking Engineer 1 답글
perfect game with a perfect song
Zachary Jones
Zachary Jones 답글 연결
love that jazzy rockish sound from them
Poopy Joe
Poopy Joe 8 답글
you means bluesy?
Catherine Rose Diwa
Catherine Rose Diwa
I love this song in left 4 dead 2. I don't know what is the title of song in left 4 dead 1 ?
Millencolinn 답글
+Catherine Rose  Elbow grounds for divorce
Salvador lll López González
the song isn´t complete...
Andrew Hodkinson
Andrew Hodkinson 1 답글
+Salvador lll López González no it isnt, and it pisses me off!
pancake black
pancake black 7 답글 연결
im here because of left 4 dead 2
Nicholas_ingersoll 답글
Yea the animation Ellis stories
Boris Fernandez
Boris Fernandez 답글 연결