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The Game - Ali Bombaye
아티스트: The Game
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[Intro - Game:] Get my people out them chains nigga I mean handcuffs, time to man up Put my hands up? Fuck you sayin' bruh Cause I'm a black man, in a Phantom Or is it cause my windows tinted? Car cost 300 thou' and I blow Indo in it You mad cause your daughter fuck with me on spring break Well, I'mma fuck her 'til the springs break [Verse 1 - 2 Chainz:] Yeah, roll another one cause I'm winning In my four door looking real photogenic Gentleman attire, in threads that won't expire I'm in a class of my own, my teacher got fired Money getting long, pussy rate keep rising Versace outfit cost me 3,000 From the P houses, did it from the wee hours Selling that chicken no lemon pepper, no sweet and sour First you get the power, then you get respect I'm getting so much money I can buy ya bitch Take it how you wanna, if you wanna take it I like clubs where all the women working naked Fell in love with a waitress what the fuck I'm thinking Bought that ho a ring it was for her pinky Uhn, that's pimpin' that's slick Got a bottle of cologne that cost more than your rent [Verse 2 - Game:] Fuck y'all mad at me for Got a black card, and a black phantom With a white bitch in Idaho, I do the same thing in (Montana) Got a thick bitch in Atlanta, got a redbone in the Chi Got two chains, they two-tone, two hundred racks, no lie (true) Ali Bomaye! Ali Bomaye! I'm bout to rumble in the jungle in these new Kanye's Ali Bomaye! Ali Bomaye! My lawyer threw them gloves on and beat another case [Verse 3 - Game:] Fuck y'all mad at me for, cause my belt got two G's on it Her bag got two C's on it, my daughter's stroller got D's on it Free Big Meech, Free Boosie and C-Murder Like New Orleans, like Baltimore, come to Compton you'll see murders And my AR see murders, that's beef nigga no burgers I'm insane and you Usain, nigga better turn on them burners Got coke swimming in that glass jar, bitch go turn on them burners Got dope to sell in this hotel, no half price, no retail You a bitch nigga, no female, I smack niggas, Sprewell I'm on the block like D 12, I got the white, no D-12 Like a little nigga in Africa, I was born toting that K And that's real shit, no Will Smith, and no Nona Gaye But they yellin'... [Hook - Game:] Ali Bomaye! Ali Bomaye! Thank God that a nigga seen another day Ali Bomaye! Ali Bomaye! Got a chopper and a bottle fuck it let 'em spray [Verse 4 - Rick Ross:] I take my case to trial, hire the Dream Team Robbie Kardashian, Johnnie Cochran, I seen things I dream big, I think sharp Inhale smoke, Hawaiian tree bark Humble yourself, you not a G, keep it one with yourself Run to niggas for help, favors I keep one on the shelf I got rifles with lasers, swing it just like the majors Hit you right above navel, now you swimming in pavement Gold medals on my neck, I call it Michael Phelps Hoes settling for less, I call 'em bottom shelf Niggas tough on them blogs and never did nothing at all On the road to the riches, bitches not tagging along [Verse 5 - Game:] Unless it's ass in a thong, hit that ass and I'm gone Disrespect my nigga Boss and I'm flashing the chrome I'm waving the Tec, Tity spraying the Mac Extendos in the back, gonna lap Got a bitch that look like Laila Ali sitting in my lap Got a call from Skateboard, pick 'em up at Lax Speaking skateboards, where Tune at? Fuck with him, I'll break a skateboard on a nigga back 2 Chainz! [Verse 6 - 2 Chainz:] Skateboard on a nigga track No lie, No Lie already got a plaque Mama got a house, daughter got accounts Just to think a nigga like me started with a ounce Bad bitches and D-boys, we bring 'em out If them niggas pussy, we douche 'em, we clean 'em out This the voice of ghetto intelligence If you got work, go to work, don't work at your residence [Verse 7 - Game:] ...For presidents Word to Muhammad, that triple beam is heaven-sent Riding through the jungles in that muthafuckin' elephant That's a gray ghost, with the ears on it Swimming through the hood like it got fins on it (Tell 'em!) You know I got that work on the foreman grill Weigh the muthafuckas in, made another mill' Got a nigga feeling like Cassius Clay Thrilla in Manilla, nigga want it whip his ass today [Hook]

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the best
ViV Violetta
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Andrew Willis
Andrew Willis 답글 연결
These black kids are running outta shit to rap about....
2:52 rob the Kardashians
oh shit it was rick ross
93 empire
93 empire 답글 연결
africa kongo
Tyler Muise
Tyler Muise 답글 연결
➪Ghost Bull™
➪Ghost Bull™ 답글 연결
Good job man! #GrandTheftAuto5
El Plaga
El Plaga 답글 연결
I'm cracking the fuck up watching fools going in on each other like Frisco dykes cat fighting for tickets to see magic Mike, 1 if you even mention young thug or mud butt whatever the fuck that cum receptical calls itself u bitch boi or a faggot plain and simple, critiquing icons that once were as if the opinions of fuck Bois jacking off to gay midget porn while eating Cheetos matters , move outta yo mama's houses I'm sure she tired of her home smelling like dry spit , Bologna & self pity , your probably the same homos rocking a sports Jersey with another dudes name on it coaching from the couch with no concept of shit .....I'm sure if these artists want some shit outta you they will have a dick up your asses
INgenious Ckfirst
only the game is real in this shit fuck rick ross and 2 chainz
CozMyN 답글 연결
gta v
Adam Mwanza
Adam Mwanza 답글 연결
Adam Mwanza
Adam Mwanza 답글 연결
did anybody else here the hidden message?
Bekzhan Sauirbaev
Jessica Gamez
Jessica Gamez 답글 연결
MvK Dragon
MvK Dragon 답글 연결
BTW the song that was sampled is called "Seven Devils" by Florance and the machine
Nope 14
Nope 14 답글 연결
Gta 5😂😂😂
This was my fav The Game song before GTA V and when I heard it on GTA I went crazy

BrokenHeart 02/17/17
Bilent Mumin
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my los santos😢
Francisco Figueroa
TutorHacks 1 답글 연결
GTA 5 ❤
Brent Stubbs
Brent Stubbs 답글 연결
I love this song I herd this of gta5
Cesar Alfaro torres
buena cancion
Aaron Urbina
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I'm the only one who puts the gtav songs and they're all real? :v
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smoke smoke
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Bilall Waheb
Bilall Waheb 답글 연결
Who's Ali Bomaye?
Nyrex 답글

Artem Buturlya
Artem Buturlya 답글 연결
Luca 1501
Luca 1501 답글 연결
yodaohnesoda gaming
Hear this sound in gta
Kush M
Kush M 답글 연결
sick beat man.

but what does mean 'ali bomaye' means?
Nyrex 답글
Zay Leno
Zay Leno 답글 연결
Been bangin this instrumental since #2013 Instagram Zay_Leno (Dab Daddy)
Deep Singh
Deep Singh 답글 연결
wicked song
Marlee Roberts
Marlee Roberts 답글 연결
where the fuck did they shoot this..
Marlee Roberts
Marlee Roberts 답글
some random underground basement and random streets.
Nyrex 답글
wikipedia - its los angeles, buddy
Manuel Sanchez Perez
very very good !!
Jaime Martínez
Jaime Martínez 답글 연결
2 chainz is incredible
the outdoors
the outdoors 답글 연결
love it
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