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I really want to go out I really want to go outside and stop to see your day You really want to hole up You really want to stay inside and sleep the light away I really want to go out I really want to go outside and make it light all day You really want to hole up You really want to stay inside and not care where you lay Well I know what's good Exactly cause I have been there before Yeah I know what's good Exactly those things night cannot behold I really want to go out I really want to go outside and stop to see your day You really want to hole up You really want to stay inside and sleep the light away I think it's good to go out Cause if you don't you'll never make a memory that will stay I think that you should wake up I think I want to live my life and you're just in my way

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Jason Foussell
Jason Foussell 답글 연결
without question the most idiotic and blinded video in history. the moron producer didn't know the content of what he produced? and were the band members that stupid. what's the next video going to be? them dancing at auschwitz?
Mexican sour Gherkin
I just heard this song while playing little nightmares and I was like " hey I remember this song from a long time a go".
James M.
James M. 답글 연결
Awesome sound and a great images of Cults as if they were there.. Totally Awesome!
Dynamite 답글 연결
i love this video but i really hate the parts where they try to fit the lead singer in to the old videos
Ansaar Mohamed
Ansaar Mohamed 답글 연결
MLB 11 The Show nostalgia.
Greg Randolph
Greg Randolph 답글 연결
Lexically Ambiguityness
Cults made a video about a cult...
Christopher John Ferrer
The video in a church with some guy preaching and emotional worshippers seems normal---until I saw People's Temple. scared
Lorenzo Blacksher
Cults is such a sick band (that vocalist, gah what a gift), and this song grooves. But the video is just so dope af. So dark, right up my alley. Wish they didn't cut to Jonestown audio so much though, most of us know what happened there.
I've drank the Kool Aid either way on Cults.
Randomly Casual
Randomly Casual 답글 연결
ima work it like a pro, and you gone take it like one..
Kelvin Riddick
Kelvin Riddick 답글 연결
After researching this, which happened over 20 years before I was born, it made me really sad.
Maryjane Salazar
Maryjane Salazar 1 답글 연결
I use to love this video and song back in middle school it's trippy
michael lennon
michael lennon 1 답글 연결
Pretty trashy move by the band to make this video. Great song though.
Swapmeet sheriff Don Knott expert
makes me cry every time
El Chapo
El Chapo 답글 연결
that black guy towards the end knew hope he left
Callie Lady J.
Callie Lady J. 답글 연결
My mother told me she remembered hearing about the tragedy the news. Jim Jones definitely was not a man of God. Jim was evil and it's so sad these people seemingly ignored how this guy was not representative of Christ at all. One of the biggest tragedies. A lesson in the need to really check people out and see bad signs for what they are.
Andrew Honeycutt
Andrew Honeycutt 답글 연결
for anyone familiar with the subject matter, incredibly stirring
Yoson 답글 연결
When this is your sister
Samuel Thompson
Samuel Thompson 답글 연결
how's this only at a million
emxiiee 답글 연결
What happened to the video of this song with Dave Franco

Franklin Bluth
Franklin Bluth 답글 연결
Shoutout to whoever came up with the idea for this video

Jennifer Isaacs
Jennifer Isaacs 3 답글 연결
Thankful for those that don't forget about how cults give undue influence, keep people inside pretending to be happy, and how destructive that cults are. Any one can be possibly tricked and trapped.
Jennifer Isaacs
Jennifer Isaacs 3 답글
At least some get this wasn't a joke and the video just depicts religious people smiling in worship. This before the cult became very harsh and deadly. Also at least some realize this is about Jones Town, and are sympathetic or empathetic.

So many abusive cults still exist.
tahna dana
tahna dana 답글 연결
the problem with this video is that its disrespectful to those who actually died in jones town...this truly shows the mentality of millennial hipsters...
Netta Sinaga
Netta Sinaga 5 답글 연결
Why do I like this kind of music? I have vintage soul
Netta Sinaga
Netta Sinaga 2 답글
+AL VARADO sooo true 😍
Jezeus 3 답글
indie folk music, feels like summer right?
Netta Sinaga
Netta Sinaga 답글
Johnathan Gong I know 😑
Sithara Sivaji
Sithara Sivaji 답글 연결
1:42 who's that boy?
Beatlelaura 답글 연결
The tragedy America seems to have forgotten
Captain Idontgivaphuk
A bunch of dead idiots.
A 1 답글 연결
There is a lot of music video for this song
HandsomeDevil 2 답글 연결
i like to drink kool-aid whilst listening to this
Beatlelaura 1 답글
tHE hOMIE jOEY freak
Omole Musah-Eroje
Omole Musah-Eroje 답글
VinzZissou78 2 답글 연결
I studied the Jonestown massacre back in school and it's truly eerie, especially the audio of Jim Jones getting his people to begin the suicide process. That's where the "it's living that's treacherous" comes from. Don't listen to the recording if you're trying to sleep lol.

[ Prod. by Killa ]
[ Prod. by Killa ] 3 답글 연결
The Weeknd
Amir Oged
Amir Oged 답글 연결
Who is this guy talking in the beginning?
Brandon Zeedar
Brandon Zeedar 1 답글
Amir Oged
Jim Jones. One of the most cynical and influential people we've seen yet.
Five years on I still haven't come across a more disturbing (but well made) music video than this. Good work!
SlySpiderBro 답글
CarterTheUnstoppableFaxMachine look up Paranoid Android by Radiohead.
Prashant Swaroop
Prashant Swaroop 답글 연결
Stargirl 답글 연결
the girl near the tree (standing) reminds of how I look. And then of 1 other.... on another look or so.
Kristen Van Houten
Kristen Van Houten 2 답글 연결
Every time I watch this I get chills. It's so surreal seeing the band members put themselves in these videos.
Danilla Putri
Danilla Putri 답글 연결
where are they now? it's been a long time
UltimaYT 3 답글 연결
Netflix by G-Eazy? Anybody else? Whatever, this is a great song with an impactful video!
Michael John
Michael John 14 답글
who the fck is G Eazy?
Lickmyclownass 17 답글 연결
"Death is not a fearful thing, it's living that's treacherous"
Ebhedh Of TMH YHWH
Ebhedh Of TMH YHWH 5 답글 연결
this is a shame most of those people are dead