An Ideal of Hope

Hans Zimmer - An Ideal of Hope
아티스트: Hans Zimmer

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  • Arcade
  • A Fire Will Rise
    A Fire Will Rise
  • First Step
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    Gotham's Reckoning
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    He's a Pirate
  • Is She with You?
    Is She with You?
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    Journey to the Line
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    This Is Clark Kent
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이 음악이 쓰인 영상

muhtasim abir
muhtasim abir 답글 연결
I will take that as a yes 🙂
Alberto Ramirez
Alberto Ramirez 답글 연결
The best soundtrack of superman
The law84
The law84 답글 연결
JL trailer
Guvna Goeby
Guvna Goeby 답글 연결
Just a musician here to teach myself how to play this B-)
Electric Games
Electric Games 답글 연결
Remember me the doctor who!
shubham vichare
shubham vichare 답글 연결
Marvel is for kids , DC is for adults.
shubham vichare
shubham vichare 답글 연결
If you dont like this .....then u've to change your taste. Love from india 💙hans zimmr 💚n Zack💜Snyder💛
Jtg 16
Jtg 16 답글 연결
the world needs Superman.
LewisTurnerPrime 답글 연결
My absolute favourite movie score ever
vignesh chara
vignesh chara 답글 연결
The start is fukin awesome..... Zimmer..luv.and the end too,oh fuck...the entire theme....
sachin singh
sachin singh 답글 연결
hans is the best
J F. Ibra
J F. Ibra 답글 연결
some one is listening to this ,2017?
Youssef Assem
Youssef Assem 답글 연결
Hans Zimmer the John Williams of modern times
Jesse Pinkman
Jesse Pinkman 답글 연결
Who else is receiving these annoying ass info structure ads?
Rick Grimes
Rick Grimes 답글 연결
Am I the only one that pretends I'm superman, standing up with good posture, looking into the distance with a peaceful serenity, imagining my cape blowing behind me, then elegantly blasting off into the air to go fight general zod....

come on... It can't just be me
TheAngeleas 답글 연결
You're my WORLD
Sebastian Jackson
Sebastian Jackson 1 답글 연결
Just think of the chills this orchestra got when it played just right. This song is crazy powerful. Haha, just my opinion.
KilledByWimbie 2 답글 연결
superman might not be real but the symbol is
the symbol stands for hope not for superhero
it dose not matter if the symbol is on your chest
what matters is that the symbol is in your heart
and hope lives on
Antonio 답글 연결
Zimmer 1 Williams 0
jojo kwhr
jojo kwhr 답글 연결
Beautiful Very Very Beautiful

Evan Bergen
Evan Bergen 1 답글 연결
What a perfect score for superman it's better than the Christopher reeve version in my opinion
Toby Lythgoe
Toby Lythgoe 1 답글 연결
Man of steel is so underrated
woodyfyx 4 답글 연결
came here after watching Justice League Heroes trailer
Varun Orton
Varun Orton 4 답글 연결
Back here again after the new JL trailer!! We miss you Clark!! Can't wait for his return
George Tsaklidis
George Tsaklidis 1 답글 연결
who came here after the justice league trailer???
Ignacio 1 답글 연결
I love Snyder's vision of Superman and the DCEU, don't give a shit about the haters
Alessandro madara gomez
zack is god
Ville Lepoaho
Ville Lepoaho 답글 연결
I got a Hans Zimmer ad?
KahWee Ng
KahWee Ng 9 답글 연결
Who came here after watching JL trailer at comic con?
Sky Romer
Sky Romer 4 답글 연결
Anyone else come here after the new JUSTICE LEAGUE trailer?

KalvinEllis 17 답글 연결
I'll take that as a "Yes".
David TenderNuts
David TenderNuts 2 답글
Human bat guy the ring
Human bat guy
Human bat guy 2 답글
KalvinEllis what?
Ville Lepoaho
Ville Lepoaho 답글
The feels
Alessandra Mascalchi
superman is a legend
Alessandra Mascalchi
omg this is the best theme better than captain underpants
DarthLeapyous 답글 연결
This plays in my head when I take the bins up my steep driveway at a run.
JediBuck11 답글 연결
When you finally bust

I'm sorry
Dark Black Knight
Best soundtrack ever. It really inspires and encourages people in tough times
sofea izi
sofea izi 답글 연결
My heart feel lonely
Sean Dolar
Sean Dolar 답글 연결
The beginning of the theme made me cry in the inside
Torquey Nebula
Torquey Nebula 답글 연결
I really wish superman was real you know? To actually see him fly across the sky would be the best. saving me from a burning building or fighting some evil dudes flying a nuke into space or just talking to him in person..... that would be the best
LittleWebHead 87
LittleWebHead 87 답글 연결
Doomed planet.
Desperate scientists.
Last hope.
Kindly couple.