End of a Dark Age

Immediate Music - End of a Dark Age
아티스트: Immediate Music
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이 음악이 쓰인 영상

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TheZzZzZzZzZzA 답글 연결
Actually this is not exact the used track. For the Oblivion trailer they used the "Genesis Mix" of this track, which is a bit different from this version (the "Full Mix"). If you listen carefully you can spot the difference between 1:33 in this video and 1:45 or so in the Oblivion trailer. Unfortunataly, that Genesis mix is not on YouTube, yet.
BreninDunne 답글 연결
I love your music! Thanks for posting.
Anthony Caruso
Anthony Caruso 답글 연결
Petr Husák
Petr Husák 답글 연결
Immediate goes public. Yeaah <3
BoyBlueberry 답글 연결
Wow, you've really started to share tracks from Quantum now... Thanks for sharing! :)
Akame Treize
Akame Treize 답글 연결
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