Young Men Dead 가사

The Black Angels - Young Men Dead
아티스트: The Black Angels
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Fire for the hills pick up your feet and lets go Head for the hills pick up steel on your way And when you find a piece of them in your sight Fire at will don't you waste no time Another thought of the unaware Addiction in disguise With a drop of blood You will take them out for me Fire from the hills pick up speed and lets go Fire for real yeah shoot to kill with no aim Head for the hills yes eyes on the camp fire glow Creep up there like a white mink hiding in snow And out of the black a figure forms A soldier in the sky With a drop of love Trying to set you free Run for the hills pick up your feet and lets go We did our jobs pick up speed now lets move The trees cant grow without the sun in their eyes And we can't live if we're too afraid to die Hold on tight yes hold on tight you're too slow Fire at the breeze that blows these thoughts through our mind Hire only thieves to steal the thoughts from our heads

이 음악이 쓰인 영상

ReStOrEdLiFe88 답글 연결
FRINGE brought me here
Mustafa Ali
Mustafa Ali 답글 연결
Who came here from Narcos season 3?
Allen Wiggill
Allen Wiggill 답글 연결
Still in the womb and I love this song...
H Bella
H Bella 답글 연결
"The trees can't grow without the sun in their eyes, amd we can't live if we're too afraid to die!" Always been one of my favorite lyrics.. This album was given to me by someone who said they didn't like it because it reminded them too much of The Doors (10 years ago). Been in love ever since 😍
gehmli 답글 연결
"You can't wear out a good pussy."
The man BAndbro
The man BAndbro 답글 연결
Kshitij Tamrakar
Kshitij Tamrakar 답글 연결
rhythm sounds like a variation of when the levee breaks without harmonica
Chuck Morrris21
Chuck Morrris21 답글 연결
"Start asking the right fucking questions then"
Rust Cole.
pox 123
pox 123 1 답글 연결
"The Blow must go on."

Drake and Josh - New Season. Coming 2017
Susan Harrison
Susan Harrison 답글 연결
Bad and dirty, great track, so Tarantino
Flo Katsby
Flo Katsby 답글 연결
Training Day !
Kills Alone
Kills Alone 답글 연결
RIP Alan Wake
Dragon King Be Damned
This is gonna be my smokin' band.
ilikepankakesuk 답글 연결
Screw all you, Fable 3 brought me here
SixStringMental 답글 연결
Seeing them tonight in Toronto!
miguel cic
miguel cic 답글 연결
i am here,by spec ops the line
James Livingston
James Livingston 답글 연결
seeing these ppl this thursday, found them via YouTube psychedelic music playlists when studying chem in 2013, I shit a brick when I started hearing them in tv n movies..
john coonie
john coonie 답글 연결
I'm still in the womb and my purpose is clear. Or, y'know, something witty.
Andeee Black
Andeee Black 답글 연결
.......too cool xx
Brian Heili
Brian Heili 답글 연결
This guys voice sounds like Neil Young

Patrick Coutts
Patrick Coutts 답글 연결
For some reason these guys really remind me of the Cult.
David Avalos
David Avalos 답글 연결
man Idk why, but the first couple of seconds remind me of Fidlar's Cocaine song.
Owen Thompson
Owen Thompson 답글 연결
in b4 you hear it on a tv show
CenturionDan 답글 연결
Whoa. The Doors all over the place.
Neil Warwick
Neil Warwick 답글 연결
soundtrack to ANY film!!
Omm LI
Omm LI 답글 연결
México 68 !!!!!
Ahmet Eren Odacı
Person of Interest
John King
John King 답글 연결
The Black Angels brought me here!
vasilis terzoglou
is it just me or the first 20sec sound like black dog?
Cheese Block
Cheese Block 1 답글 연결
this shit gave me ptsd

pitiful flicker
pitiful flicker 답글 연결
Anyone have any recommendations of bands similar to The Black Angel???
Shelby Lakes
Shelby Lakes 답글 연결
anyone ever see death sentence with Kevin Bacon whether gangster is buying guns??
Tony Reyes
Tony Reyes 답글 연결
death sentence brought me here
Space Boy
Space Boy 답글 연결
everyone came here because of a show, I came here because of the Melvins
Leon Kennedy
Leon Kennedy 답글 연결
I need guns....... I came from the four roses
Skerryberry !
Skerryberry ! 답글 연결
The intro sounds familiar from another song, but which one?
Taeltxd 답글 연결
Fable trailer brought me here long ago
snokful 답글 연결
Just me or is this band hella influenced by Joy Division?
Rocco Foxtrot
Rocco Foxtrot 답글 연결
This song sounds a bit like Iron Clad Lou by Hum
theflash3100 답글 연결
The Blow Must Go On
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