Young Men Dead 가사

The Black Angels - Young Men Dead
아티스트: The Black Angels
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Fire for the hills pick up your feet and lets go Head for the hills pick up steel on your way And when you find a piece of them in your sight Fire at will don't you waste no time Another thought of the unaware Addiction in disguise With a drop of blood You will take them out for me Fire from the hills pick up speed and lets go Fire for real yeah shoot to kill with no aim Head for the hills yes eyes on the camp fire glow Creep up there like a white mink hiding in snow And out of the black a figure forms A soldier in the sky With a drop of love Trying to set you free Run for the hills pick up your feet and lets go We did our jobs pick up speed now lets move The trees cant grow without the sun in their eyes And we can't live if we're too afraid to die Hold on tight yes hold on tight you're too slow Fire at the breeze that blows these thoughts through our mind Hire only thieves to steal the thoughts from our heads

이 음악이 쓰인 영상

Cheese Block
Cheese Block 답글 연결
this shit gave me ptsd
pitiful flicker
pitiful flicker 답글 연결
Anyone have any recommendations of bands similar to The Black Angel???
Shelby Lakes
Shelby Lakes 답글 연결
anyone ever see death sentence with Kevin Bacon whether gangster is buying guns??
Tony Reyes
Tony Reyes 답글 연결
death sentence brought me here
Space Boy
Space Boy 답글 연결
everyone came here because of a show, I came here because of the Melvins
Leon Kennedy
Leon Kennedy 답글 연결
I need guns....... I came from the four roses
Skerryberry !
Skerryberry ! 답글 연결
The intro sounds familiar from another song, but which one?
Taeltxd 답글 연결
Fable trailer brought me here long ago
snokful 답글 연결
Just me or is this band hella influenced by Joy Division?
Rocco Foxtrot
Rocco Foxtrot 답글 연결
This song sounds a bit like Iron Clad Lou by Hum
theflash3100 답글 연결
The Blow Must Go On
Nikko M
Nikko M 답글 연결
The blow must go on...
Chance Cole
Chance Cole 답글 연결
the black angles brought me here fuck you TV show watching cunts
BlurryGrunt82 답글 연결
My taste in music brought me fucking here.
No Body
No Body 답글 연결
ufc 141 back in 2011 bought me here, fuck assassin's Creed lol
Диана Шехич
Fable 3...
Can Hoxhaj
Can Hoxhaj 답글 연결
im 77yrs old man and this song makes me want stick my fingers to my ass
Perseus Veil
Perseus Veil 답글 연결
Fable 3.
chris CHEDEVILLE 답글 연결
S'il y a des frenchy ici, ils passent à La Rochelle en Juin et pour seulement 20€ !!!!!!
Rat with Eyepatch
spec ops

agusti211 답글 연결
Where's Alan Wake?
Chips Handon
Chips Handon 답글 연결
Y'all bitches don't even remember the No Country for Old Men trailer.
Fiddlekrazy Steve
Love this Old sound turned refreshing!!
Cirice of the Ghost
His voice reminds me a bit of 16 Horsepower's David Eugene Edwards.
A Iracks
A Iracks 답글 연결
Alan wake had good songs at the end of each episode.
oldgeneration 답글 연결
war tune
war tune 답글 연결
this brought me here and that brought me here blah blah yaddah yaddah.. goddamn shame you people didn't know about this masterpiece before watching some random series
Eli Rutter
Eli Rutter 답글 연결
Alan Wake brought me here.
Erdogan Adanir
Erdogan Adanir 답글 연결
Love the Sound...
Specter017 답글 연결
discovered this band cus of Spec Ops : The Line....

My cave door seems to be a subwoofer
milliardo Lovecraft
Fable 3 brought me here
Tünde Mészáros
Nobody cares why are you here. You'll do this again. Time is a flat circle.
fuma seven
fuma seven 답글 연결
being from Houston brought me here long time ago. see them all the time. and if anything fuck all your shows. all about la familia michoacana still going strong.
Radu Tanasie
Radu Tanasie 답글 연결
Alan Wake before any of that.
"Then start asking the right fucking questions".
Daniel Florez Franco
Rick Astley
Rick Astley 답글 연결
Rust Cohle : the hipsters' Jack Bauer :D
Marko Medić
Marko Medić 답글
Jack Bauer is a piece of shit. Ordinary cops are waaay better human species.
Nicholas Yeo
Nicholas Yeo 답글 연결
Alan Wake brings me here
Süleyman Fırat Gözder
Well... I thought at least someone would be here because of Alan Wake
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