Concerning Hobbits

Howard Shore - Concerning Hobbits
아티스트: Howard Shore
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Nolan Hewitt
Nolan Hewitt 답글 연결
now I don't know where to live rivindell or the shire
William Brown
William Brown 답글 연결
Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took. I might have known.
Kretoky 답글 연결
Never watched lord of the rings(except for some animated movie when i was little)but this piece seems perfect for any kind of medieval fantasy, its soothing and upbeat, mixed in with some weird nostalgia i never had before(a good kind).
Krystal Harwood
Krystal Harwood 답글 연결
markiplier sang this!
Silverthorn 답글 연결
Howard Shore if you see this commentary i love you
TimpsterTheDude 답글 연결
These films, along with Harry Potter and Star Wars make up my triforce of childhood epics.
Diana Majerová
Diana Majerová 답글 연결
rada sa hram na dazdovku ked mam tri promile
Twenty One Warriors
This sounds like the home I never had🌹 That is why I love this music so much💕
Jimmy Mallery
Jimmy Mallery 1 답글 연결
When I'm pissed off this takes the sting away.just close my eyes and forget everything else.
BillundBerries 답글 연결
Corey Vaughn-Patterson
Waiting patiently for that next great thing that affects you like these movies once did. It kinda sucks but I have hope for the future.
i am bilbo baggins
Christopher Pinto
Howard Shore is a genius
Minecrafter 879510
call me wierd, I find this extremely peaceful.
fresh milk
fresh milk 답글 연결
this song makes me cry a lil
XnetmanX 답글 연결
cries in 2017
wout van Woerkom
wout van Woerkom 답글 연결
This song describes the lord of the rings trilogy
Iahimoh 답글 연결
damn goosebumps...
Robotic Sausage
Robotic Sausage 답글 연결
I'm new to the lord of the rings series. There's some series I wish I could go back in time and read again as if it was my first time reading. Is that how all you feel, for LOTR?

Thomas S.
Thomas S. 답글 연결
Nothing gives me a feeling to be at home than this song
FreezerInDaKitchen 1 답글 연결
It makes me sad the fact that, there wont be any fantasy movie this good anytime soon.... all good things come to an end.
Robotic Sausage
Robotic Sausage 1 답글
The bad news: Nothing lasts forever
The good news: Nothing lasts forever
Jack Duff
Jack Duff 답글 연결
Now how does someone dislike this?
English Pessimist
This reminds me of my beautiful and peaceful country, my native land. Slowly being transformed by Mohammedans and blacks...sigh!
Extreme Fangirl
Extreme Fangirl 답글 연결
I always feel like I am at home wherever I listen to this song, the books and movies changed me. I love lord of the rings <3
RemedyB 답글 연결
This song has honestly helped me so much, the movies and book(I've only read The Hobbit so far but intend on reading the rest asap) has truthfully changed my life. I love this entire saga so incredibly much ♥
Marshall Bush
Marshall Bush 답글 연결
The shire!!!!!!!
purpleDANDY13 답글 연결
this song is the thing i instantly think of when i think of lotr
Smokey 420
Smokey 420 답글 연결
Concerning Hobbits. There And Back Again. A Hobbit's Tale.
Libby Evans
Libby Evans 답글 연결
what is the name given to this group of indtruments playing together anyone?

Maria Papadopoulou
This is pure beautiful. Especially in the film, when you see the Shire's beautiful houses and countryside and Sam looking at his beautiful little flowers, you feel so calm and peaceful and a big sympathy for those simple and happy creatures, hobbits.
Yasir Junejo
Yasir Junejo 답글 연결
this sound and titanic sound makes me cry.
HowlingXx 답글 연결
I fall asleep to this song it relaxes me alot
Mαddιє 답글 연결
this is so so so beautiful
KvltKommando 답글 연결
is this sped up
1747CT 답글 연결
i listen to this soundtrack every morning when i go to work.
RelDoesDeeps 답글 연결
And what about very old friends?
xxTheFlyingPigxx 답글 연결
We played this at my dad's funeral. There were other pieces of music, but this was the one people cried at. Truly brilliant.
Emily Nightshade89
Sounds like home....
Retro Darnder
Retro Darnder 답글 연결
I feel like the beginning is already a meme, and if it isn't, then it will be.
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