Concerning Hobbits

Howard Shore - Concerning Hobbits
아티스트: Howard Shore

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PaszerDye 답글 연결
When you see stupid things like Despacito or Kardashians getting famous, remember the lowest common denominator is the lowest and common for a reason. But don't stress, it's not your problem that things are how they are. Don't think ill of people who do not know and appreciate that you do. And most of all, meet head on the curious ones who come upon the doormat of the hobbit hole and welcome them as good friends.
Some Guy
Some Guy 답글 연결
I am so lucky to have grown up with these movies
Some Guy
Some Guy 답글 연결
This song makes me feel
sangbum60090 답글 연결
This music cures depression
xoan sniper
xoan sniper 답글 연결
Muy nostalgica 😃😅😟
Smokey 420
Smokey 420 답글 연결
Old Toby the finest weed in the South Farthing.
Exzo 답글 연결
this is fucking insane you legend i love you for uploading this sicklord GOD
Smokey 420
Smokey 420 답글
Old Toby the finest weed in the South Farthing.
Dalma Dankovits
Dalma Dankovits 답글 연결
ist sooo iconic
Kimi Frezel
Kimi Frezel 답글 연결
Sick bro luv it big timez! Ya Getz me boiii
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones 답글 연결
Can we all agree that extended edition is only edition?
Jonah Shields
Jonah Shields 답글 연결
I thought it was in the hobbit
lulu juarez
lulu juarez 답글 연결
Unas de las mejores trilogias que existen a mi parecer !!
Nunca habra una pelicula de fantasia como el Señor de los Anillos 💘
Su banda sonora es increible !! 💗
Kiên Đậu Anh
Kiên Đậu Anh 1 답글 연결
awesome !
Robin Nilselid
Robin Nilselid 답글 연결
This and Bob ross painting (for some reason) makes me feel free.
Mojomikey321 답글 연결
This song just is the manifestation of the word quaint.
Sgt Palooggoo
Sgt Palooggoo 1 답글 연결
Ah... the shire... 🍺
Pedro staker
Pedro staker 답글 연결
forever alone
Ab Abmed
Ab Abmed 답글 연결
Frodo loves Sam and Sam loves his Dildo Teabaggins, good times.
Agustin 답글 연결
Can someone explain to me how a song can be this good?
rafdan 8
rafdan 8 답글 연결
393 people like Game of Thrones more

Tender Breakfast Buds TM
dont you wish this was disney so they could make a part of LOTR to the park. that would be amazing
Kai Song
Kai Song 답글 연결
Great movie, Great music.
Sylvain 답글 연결
I have chills !
Steffen Kammal
Steffen Kammal 답글 연결
Christian Page
Christian Page 답글 연결
Shire,so peaceful. LOTR is masterpiece
s0aaZ 답글 연결
omg guys i fucking love this melody O 0:28
Aryav Desai
Aryav Desai 답글 연결
The replay button broke.
Declan Mc Crows
Declan Mc Crows 답글 연결
The only bad thing about this song and movies is that they end
Jake ate a Taco
Jake ate a Taco 답글 연결
I always find myself humming this at random times during the day.
Pedro Hp
Pedro Hp 답글 연결
I don't know why but every time I listen to this I cry... :')

Mike the Man
Mike the Man 1 답글 연결
I feel really left out that I never got to see this movie when it came out (way too young). It was probably a magical experience indeed
trilingual28 답글 연결
"To think I should have lived to be good-morninged by Belladonna Took's son, as if I were selling buttons at the door!" :)
Long Dương
Long Dương 답글 연결
I visited Hobbiton movie set yesterday. They were playing this melody there and I felt like home. It's been such a long journey :D
Negan The Savior- ネガね 救世主
J'ai écouté l’homélie du père Attali et je suis encore un peu ébloui.
Y'a les méchants et les gentils. Y'a les vilains qui veulent la pureté, la purification: l'horreur, quasiment le nazisme. Et puis y'a les gentils, qui sont bienveillants, qui sont altruistes, oh c'est beau ! C'est beau ! Sauf que ça n'existe pas monsieur Attali.
Surtout, ça fait fi de ce qu'on est, non pas de ce qu'on devient, mais de ce qu'on est. Auguste Comte disait: "Les morts gouvernent les vivants", monsieur Attali, et Raymond Aron ajoutait:"L'histoire est tragique.", et ça vous l'oubliez.
Vous parlez pour un homme hors-sol, vous parlez pour un homme qui passe sa vie dans les aéroports. Mais ça ils n'existent pas, à part vous monsieur Attali.
Y'a des gens qui sont là, qui sont là depuis 1000 ans et qui ont envie d'être là encore 1000 ans, et qui n'ont pas envie d'êtres métissés, monsieur Attali, excusez-les, excusez-les ! Ils ont pas envie. Ils ont pas envie d'êtres submergés. Ils ont pas envie d'êtres remplacés. C'est con hein, j'reconnais, c'est bas. C'est bas et c'est pas tellement altruiste, mais c'est leurs vies, vous comprenez.
Et ils ont pas envie que monsieur Attali, le père Attali, vienne leurs dire vous êtes des nuls, vous êtes des médiocres, vous êtes des racistes, vous êtes des xénophobes, vous n'êtes pas des bienveillants. Eh ben non ! Eh ben non, ils sont pas bienveillants, parce que les autres non plus ne sont pas bienveillants.
SternAmBauch 1 답글 연결
This is so magical.... still. Always.
SergeantFox33 1 답글 연결
I want to go on an adventure now😫😫😫😫😫I want to see legolas😫and frodo and pipin😫😫😫😫😫😫😫
Bunny Grabbit
Bunny Grabbit 1 답글 연결
Djush 답글 연결
i cry everytime...
Luki F
Luki F 답글 연결
i don't know why, but this movie (Lord of Rings 1-3) best Fantasy movie, best movie of the whole world. Music beautifull. Charaters beautifull. Location beautifull.
Connor Fineran
Connor Fineran 답글 연결
This sounds eerily like Canon in D.