Sæglópur 가사

Sigur Rós - Sæglópur
아티스트: Sigur Rós
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[Icelandic:] Þú, ert refur Þú, þú hefur - á lofti Á lofti, já Á loft Á lofti, já Þú, líður Ó, ó friður Ó nei Ó nei, já Ó nei Ó nei já Sæglópur Á lífi Kominn heim Sæglópur Á lífi Kominn heim Það kemur kafari [English Translation:] You are a fox You take off - into the air In the air, yes Into the air In the air, yes You glide/float/tolerate; suffer Oh peace, war/unrest/discord Oh no Oh no, oh Oh no Oh no, oh A lost seafarer Alive Has returned home A lost seafarer Alive Has returned home A diver comes

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custom bikes
custom bikes 답글 연결
The series Sense8 is a work of art as is this track.
Diehl Johan
Diehl Johan 답글 연결
c'est tellement beau?
Miguel Hsidn
Miguel Hsidn 답글 연결
Sense8 has the best cinematographic and soundtrack!
Getchu 답글 연결
Sounds like they're saying "you are beautiful you are,
Getchu 답글 연결
I finally found the song. Thank you so much fellow sensates <3 this song. It gave me chills at the end of the first season.
toogiesmom 답글 연결
more people will discover sigur ros thanks to sense8....and that is wonderful <3
Nicolas Pavesi
Nicolas Pavesi 1 답글 연결
show of mindfuck
Liquicitizen #389
sun is just coolest tho
Assad 5 답글 연결
sending love from Iceland❤
payal bandyopadhyay
payal bandyopadhyay 16 답글 연결
Sun ( Bae Doona) is my new HERO !! <3
SHAN HUNG 17 답글 연결
sense 8 is awesome !!?! Wolfgang for life
Jay Lin
Jay Lin 13 답글 연결
Glad I watched the show or I don't think I would have heard this gem. Fitting song for the end with that lost at sea bit. Icelandic band and all. I dig it.
plexx365 14 답글 연결
Nothing but SHEER BEAUTY!!! I absolutely adore this show!!
Yonas Getu
Yonas Getu 6 답글 연결
just started the show and this is my favorite song and I flipped out when I heard Sigur Ros in episode 1 and flipped out some more when I heard my favorite song was in the final episode of season 1
Gerardo Batista
Gerardo Batista 67 답글 연결
are we all connected with this series ? ... <3 i'm in love with sense8 !
Miguel Hsidn
Miguel Hsidn 1 답글
I wish one day I could have that relationship with other sensates... But this is real life :(
Beach Alien
Beach Alien 3 답글
Truly a masterpiece
Danielus Seisieteocho
Danielus Seisieteocho 1 답글
+Incessant Wake Are we all conected whith or between other fans? Could be. Are we all conected and in love with this series? That's weird. #Sense8Humor Lateral Thinking please, dont be so literal
Incessant Wake
Incessant Wake 1 답글
^^ guess you didn't see "sense 8" otherwise you'd understand his comment!
Danielus Seisieteocho
Danielus Seisieteocho 2 답글
that's weird...
Luca Giliberti
Luca Giliberti 17 답글 연결
beautiful. Sense8 is a masterpiece
Non So
Non So 답글 연결
Fantasy - Machine Gun Kelly
Robert Gosse
Robert Gosse 8 답글 연결
This song makes me want to laugh aloud at darkness and the heavens themselves.
jontyriondaenerys 13 답글 연결
This is honestly perfect for the ending of the first season of Sense8... it's all light at the beginning, because they managed to escape Whispers and still keep Will alive, but then at 1:53 it's a reminder that there's still a lot ahead and that they'll have to fight together
Abused Peanut
Abused Peanut 4 답글 연결
What a beautiful song!

SkydiverSG 11 답글 연결
When I'm dying, this will be the song I'll play in my head!
Aleksandra Golus
Aleksandra Golus 답글
samuel conceiçao
samuel conceiçao 5 답글 연결
Tocou minha alma
Debica8 5 답글 연결
Why are all awsome shows ending with sigur ros songs..... Oh god the feels
Legendsfaith3 43 답글 연결
this made me cry like a baby lol, and I'm a man.
Miguel Hsidn
Miguel Hsidn 1 답글
same here... the final scene is INCREDIBLE.
Santiago Gonzalez
Santiago Gonzalez 답글
i can relate, as f... man
DiMaggio 답글
+Legendsfaith3 i was crying earlier man losing close ones an i went this song thas wsup tho something relaxing and relegating that i wish i knew icelandic
Vitor Casarin
Vitor Casarin 답글
+Legendsfaith3 kek
Legendsfaith3 2 답글
Oh wow I'm just now seeing the comments and thanks everyone

And to the guy who called me a faggot ......Really? ....so if someone close to you died and you cried then it's ok for someone else to call you a faggot.

Now let's see if LOGIC plays into factor here
tanuj barla
tanuj barla 22 답글 연결
The song is beautiful and poignant at the same time, which is why it's so soothing.. Sense8 season 1 ends in Iceland and "Sæglópur", the Icelandic lost seafarer song justifies the last scene..
Jody Rich
Jody Rich 3 답글
+tanuj barla Yes, yes, yes. It's so yearning. The song yearns as we do.
Charles Brown
Charles Brown 1 답글 연결
cold so cold
Glenn Merrill
Glenn Merrill 2 답글 연결
Jonsi!!!!!!!   Fell in love with his voice with the end song of How to Train your Dragon
Grayson Maximillian Phoenix
Sense8 has the best soundtrack and selection of music <3
Love the show
Jody Rich
Jody Rich 1 답글
+Grayson Maximillian Phoenix Agreed.
Telmo Rodrigues
Telmo Rodrigues 20 답글 연결
just perfect! best decision ever made for a season finale song!
insanemadcat9 45 답글 연결
Csaba Six
Csaba Six 2 답글
can't wait!
Miguel Hsidn
Miguel Hsidn 1 답글

omniscient trees
omniscient trees 8 답글 연결
reminds me of the way orphan black s3 ended too...
Santiago Gonzalez
Santiago Gonzalez 답글
I thought it was múm. I know, I know.
Debica8 6 답글
I heard this song and the first thought that came to my mind was this must be sigur ros because it makes me feel the exactly same way Orphan Black ending made me feel.. It makes so much sense
omniscient trees
omniscient trees 12 답글
+aroë wait lmao i just found out both sense8 s1 and OB s3's finale songs are by sigur ros...

also both seasons end with a happy reunion in iceland... XD
Reika MELO
Reika MELO 8 답글 연결
I'm in love
Nile Thompson
Nile Thompson 답글
Yes, it's really relaxing and such a peaceful song.
Mary Fuller
Mary Fuller 2 답글 연결
beautiful, haunting song
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