Tha Mo Ghaol Air Aird A' Chuain 가사

Julie Fowlis - Tha Mo Ghaol Air Aird A' Chuain
아티스트: Julie Fowlis
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Feasgar ciuin an tus a' Cheitein Nuair bha 'n ialtag anns na speuran Chualaim ribhinn og 's i deurach 'Seinn fo sgail nan geugan uain' Bha a' ghrian 'sa chuan gu sioladh 'S reult cha d' eirich anns an iarmailt Nuair a sheinn an oigh gu cianail "Tha mo ghaol air aird a' chuain" Thoisich dealt na h-oidhch' ri tuirling 'S lub am braon gu caoin na flurain Sheid a' ghaoth 'na h-oiteig chubhraidh Beatha 's urachd do gach cluan Ghleus an nighneag fonn a h-orain Seimh is ciuin mar dhriuchd an Og-mhios 'S bha an t-seisd seo 'g eirigh 'n comhnaidh "Tha mo ghaol air aird a' chuain" Chiar an latha is dhearrs' na reultan Sheol an re measg neul nan speuran Shuidh an oigh, bha 'bron 'ga leireadh 'S cha robh deigh air tamh no suain Theann mi faisg air reult nan og-bhean Sheinn mu 'gaol air chuan 'bha seoladh O bu bhinn a caoidhrean bronach "Tha mo ghaol air aird a' chuain" Rinn an ceol le deoin mo thaladh Dluth do ribinn donn nam blath-shul 'S i ag urnaigh ris an Ard-Righ "Dion mo ghradh 'th' air aird a' chuain" Bha a cridh' le gaol gu sgaineadh Nuair a ghlac mi fhein air laimh i "Siab do dheoir, do ghaol tha sabhailt Thill mi slan bharr aird a' chuain"

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Tamsburd 22 답글 연결
Jenna Reid, from Shetland on fiddle, Eamon Doorley (Julie's husband) on guitar. A small piece of perfection from each.
Waldläufer70 답글
I guess it is a Bouzouki or rather Gouzouki (Guitar Bouzouki: a Bouzouki with a guitar body). A guitar has six strings and the tuning is different.
jjktg 4 답글
Thank you, Tamsburd.
Kamrul Islam
Kamrul Islam 답글 연결
I love you Julie !
John Anthony Gonzales
Fully appreciate the translation of a beautiful song from a beautiful Performer and great musicians. Absolutely a touch of heaven on Earth.May God continue to bless thier talent and grace us with their place on the world's stage.
Tullochgorum 1 답글 연결
Thanks for the translation. As someone who sings in Scots it's interesting how the conventions and narrative structure are so different in Gaelic songs. And I can't think of a single song in Scots or English that mentions bats! Great work from Julie and Jenna, but then it always is. Not so sure about Jenna's trousers - haven't seen flares like that since the '70s!
Devil 1 답글 연결
Her voice moved my heart it's so powerful yet beautiful and soft :(
John Anthony Gonzales
Enjoyed the translation of her beautiful song . Would love to learn this heavenly language. Simply Awesome.
jeremiah hale
jeremiah hale 1 답글 연결
Ilove you thsnk you
Paul Payton
Paul Payton 1 답글 연결
this is lovely and godly I love it paul payton England ps im also Irish decent x x ☺ ❤ 👍 😀 x x
gilded-slippery 15 답글 연결
I appreciate all the comments of the beauty of the music and so inspiring, and so on. All so wonderful. BUT !! really, guys -- lets take off the hats! for the cleverness of the story telling -- how you are led first to think of the teller in one way, ah! but they how clever, we are led to believe the narrator is taking but a different and perhaps not so innocent a change, all the more real yet so in contrast to the perfect sincerity and innocence of the girl singing her heart, and then at the very last, that perfect revelation a the the very last - and, all the tension released in us to perfectly match the experience of the girl as she is drawn out of her in prayer, to discover her heart's desire, her prayer answered.! Now, THAT is GREAT story telling - as good as it gets!
Katia J
Katia J 답글
Precisely. The song follows two such common themes in these types of ballads-- someone heartbroken at a lover being gone, and a man who randomly sees a beautiful woman and instantly falls in love-- that I see two possible endings, and get neither one, for something much better.
I absolutely adore this song! The lyrics, both Gaelic and English, are heartbreaking but so full of hope and beauty!!

Here are the Scottish Gaelic lyrics:
Feasgar ciùin an tùs a' Chèitein
Nuair bha 'n ialtag anns na speuran
Chualaim rìbhinn òg 's i deurach
'Seinn fo sgàil nan geugan uain'
Bha a' ghrian 'sa chuan gu sìoladh
'S reult cha d' èirich anns an iarmailt
Nuair a sheinn an òigh gu cianail,
"Tha mo ghaol air àird a' chuain."

Chiar an latha is dheàrrs' na reultan
Sheòl an rè measg neul nan speuran
Shuidh an òigh, bha 'bròn 'ga lèireadh
'S cha robh dèigh air tàmh no suain
Theann mi faisg air reult nan òg-bhean
Sheinn mu 'gaol air chuan 'bha seòladh
O bu bhinn a caoidhrean brònach
"Tha mo ghaol air àird a' chuain"

Rinn an ceòl le deòin mo thàladh
Dlùth do rìbinn donn nam blàth-shul
'S i ag ùrnaigh ris an Àrd-Rìgh
"Dìon mo ghràdh 'th' air àird a' chuain"
Bha a cridh' le gaol gu sgàineadh
Nuair a ghlac mi fhèin air làimh i
"Siab do dheòir, do ghaol tha sàbhailt
Thill mi slàn bhàrr àird a' chuain."
John Davidson
John Davidson 2 답글 연결
So profoundly beautiful and inspiring
Mista' J
Mista' J 6 답글 연결
I come back to this song whenever I require the chills that prove to me God is real. I wish the rest of the world, who only receive "the chills" by accident that, one need only listen to this song with their eyes closed to find the Grace there...every time.
Mista' J
Mista' J 1 답글
no disrespect taken. Though, its cool to live in a world where one can enjoy this song and believe in God, enjoy this song and not believe in God and live in this world, wear a hat AND sunglasses to block out the sun, all while making a surprised expression while taking a picture of oneself (which is a delibarate act and not a surprise at all) as if to seem surprised! Hang 10, bruh'.
Zach Aitken
Zach Aitken 4 답글
With all due respect, and I hate to break it to you but "God" doesn't exist. This however, is real and you can enjoy the song without having to believe in made-up fairytales. Bye.
rich gouette
rich gouette 1 답글 연결
the reverb....
Devil 2 답글 연결
So beautiful
James Caudill
James Caudill 1 답글 연결
Von Green
Von Green 7 답글 연결
That's profoundly beautiful...
soylalilalilalula 2 답글 연결
Christina O'Neal
Christina O'Neal 2 답글 연결
See I'm Irish and this is amazing.
Danny Boy
Danny Boy 2 답글
I am irish too Scots and Irish very similar I can understand easily and love the songs  by Julie
Zach Aitken
Zach Aitken 1 답글
+Christina O&#39;Neal This is Scots Gaelic (Scottish)
Addy 6 답글 연결
i love Julie she's amazing.
jjktg 1 답글 연결
Don't know if it's Jenna Reid, sorry.
oatmealsavage9 1 답글
You can be sure it is. Thanks for sharing the video!

jjktg 1 답글 연결
It's lovely, isn't it? Can't take credit for the translation - a certain British programme in which lots of hymns are sung did that. ;-)
Rodd Garoutte
Rodd Garoutte 3 답글 연결
Is that Jenna Reid on violin? It's a beautiful song.
oatmealsavage9 1 답글
It certainly is!
Classical Music Composer
So enjoyed this music video--thanks for the translation!