피치 퍼펙트 3

피치 퍼펙트 3
코미디, 음악 | PG-13
Pitch Perfect 3
Trish Sie
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Universal Pictures


Now graduated from college and out in the real world where it takes more than a cappella to get by, the Bellas return in Pitch Perfect 3, the next chapter in the beloved series that has taken in more than $400 million at the global box office. After the highs of winning the World Championships, the Bellas find themselves split apart and discovering there aren’t job prospects for making music with your mouth. But when they get the chance to reunite for an overseas USO tour, this group of awesome nerds will come together to make some music, and some questionable decisions, one last time.
"피치 퍼펙트 3" IMDb 링크 "피치 퍼펙트 3" 로튼 토마토 링크 "피치 퍼펙트 3" 메타크리틱 링크 "피치 퍼펙트 3" 네이버 영화 링크 8.57 "피치 퍼펙트 3" 박스 오피스 모조 링크
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Get the camera on her, camera on her. She is... Yeah, she is right there. The Barden Bellas, an unlikely group of not-men who somehow managed to win at something that didn't have to do with baking. I can hear you. They've graduated college and spread their wings and are attempting to fly... Papaya bliss delight with a shot of white privilege. ... hopefully not becoming the failures we all expect them to be. I feel really good about where I'm at right now. I'm trying to get into vet school. Fingers crossed! Where are they now? My name is fat Amy Winehouse. So let's get crackin'. I quit my job. You've got fired? No, I quit. It's fine. Oh, come on, this is an overreaction. I would do anything to sing with you guys again. Anything! You guys! Every year the USO puts on this performance to support the troops in Europe.* Yeah, I've suddenly got a bunch of free time, so... Hell yeah! Guys, we've never competed against bands that actually have instruments. So, what's the plan? Oh, you guys just sing other people's songs, like karaoke. Karaoke? No, no, no, no, no. That's so cute. I'm Calamity. This is Serenity. Veracity and Charity. If I joined your group, I could be Obesity. Another day on stage for the Bellas. This is their big plummet. Their fade out. Into nothingness. Are you sure about this? Have I ever let you down? All the time. What? You're very unreliable. It's like one of the hallmarks of your personality. You're not remembering all the times I've been awesome. Let's aca-finish this. Yeah! I love you, awesome nerds! Try to have some dignity. Yeah, well, we don't do anything with dignity, okay? They really do need to join the workforce. Yes. * USO: United Service Organizations Inc. 국외 주둔 미군들에게 여행·복지·오락 서비스 등을 제공하는 목적으로 1941년 설립된 비영리 민간 봉사단체.

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make america eat again ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 트럼프 패러디 오졌네요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
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아 1편은 정말 재미있는내용이였는데 2편은 솔직히 넘나 오그라드는 내용이라 싫었는데 이번편도 내용 오그라 들거 같아 왠지 극장 가서 볼 용기가 안난다 ㅜㅡㅜ
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인종차별 또 있나?
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트럼프 모자 ㅋㅋ
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