크리스마스를 발명한 남자

The Man Who Invented Christmas
Bharat Nalluri
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Bleecker Street


The Man Who Invented Christmas tells the magical journey that led to the creation of Ebenezer Scrooge (Christopher Plummer), Tiny Tim and other classic characters from A Christmas Carol. Directed by Bharat Nalluri (Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day), the film shows how Charles Dickens (Dan Stevens) mixed real life inspirations with his vivid imagination to conjure up unforgettable characters and a timeless tale, forever changing the holiday season into the celebration we know today.
"크리스마스를 발명한 남자" IMDb 링크 "크리스마스를 발명한 남자" 로튼 토마토 링크 83% "크리스마스를 발명한 남자" 메타크리틱 링크 52 "크리스마스를 발명한 남자" 네이버 영화 링크 "크리스마스를 발명한 남자" 박스 오피스 모조 링크
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God bless us every one. Follow me. Humbug. So he's had a couple of flops. Well, who hasn't. You have a new book in mind? Well, of course he does. My lamp's gone out. I've run out of ideas. Are we in trouble? No, of course not. I have told you not to disturb me when I'm working! On Christmas Eve, the spirits flow into the night. My dear Mr. Dickens. Pickpockets, streetwalkers. Humbug. Those people don't belong in books. Charles! I'm back, I'm back, I'm back! It's about a miser, and on Christmas Eve he meets some kind of supernatural guides. Does it have a title? Humbug: A Miser's Lament. Christmas Ghost Story, Christmas Song. Christmas Ballad, something like that. Get the name right and the character will appear. Scratch. Scrounger. Come on. Scrooge! Shut the window! You think I'm made of money. Mr. Scrooge. How delightful to meet you, sir. Sorry, I can't say the same. You and I are gonna to do wonderful things together. How do you make a world come alive? I can almost see and hear the people. Even if you've already written it, we couldn't possible get it printed and distributed in only six weeks. If I can't finish it, I'll never write again. The characters won't do what I want. I'm the author here. Allegedly. A jolly ghost, what does that mean? In the season of hope, we will shut out nothing, and everyone will be welcome.* I have to get to the printers by nine o'clock. But you still don't have an ending. Merry, merry Christmas to one and all. Merry Christmas! That's enough, back to work. God bless us every one. * 링크

Niccolo Machiavelli
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오우 크툴루 캐롤
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댄스티븐스 낭비,,
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댄스티븐스는 리전 때 연기가 너무나 충격적으로 다가와서 잊혀지지가 않음 ;;
tm k
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크리스토퍼 플러머 죽기전에 스크루지 한번찍네.. 예전부터 오버랩됬었는데 ㅋㅋ
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스크루지가 뭐임??
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CHIEF 크리스마스날 착해지는 구두쇠 이야기임.크리스마스 캐롤이라고 읽어보는거 추천
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인시디어스 4 예고편도 올려주세요!~
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캐롤 BGM에서 소름;;;
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잘 보았어요. ^^
JS Yoon
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망삘이다.. 요즘 헐리우드 영화 막 만드네..
JS Yoon
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JS Yoon 막 만든지 어케암..보지도 않은 영화를 막 평가하네

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Minjae Kwon
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텍사스 전키톱 살인사건 리메이크한 레더페이스 해주세요
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곰돌이 푸에 이어 스크루지 기원도 나오네
Legen Yuri
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아임 컴백 컴빼애애액 컴 쀍!
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