Before I Fall

Drama, Mystery | 98 min | PG-13
Ry Russo-Young
Zoey Deutch, Halston Sage, Logan Miller, Kian Lawley, Elena Kampouris, Diego Boneta
Release Date:
Open Road Films
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What if you had only one day to change absolutely everything? Samantha Kingston has it all: the perfect friends, the perfect guy, and a seemingly perfect future. Then, everything changes. After one fateful night, Sam wakes up with no future at all. Trapped reliving the same day over and over she begins to question just how perfect her life really was. And as she begins to untangle the mystery of a life suddenly derailed, she must also unwind the secrets of the people closest to her, and discover the power of a single day to make a difference, not just in her own life, but in the lives of those around her - before she runs out of time for good.
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Maybe for you there is a tomorrow. Maybe there is one thousand, or ten. But for some of us there is only today. Hey, sexy. Get in! Seriously? You're funny. I can't believe high school is almost over. Well, at least we did it right you know. Kissed the hottest boys, went to the sickest parties. Sam, big party tonight. My mom is going out of town. Oh, my God! What's she doing here? Watch this. This whole high school thing is just a blip. Mommy says you have to get up! It's Saturday. Maybe for you there's a tomorrow. What happened last night? What are you talking about? Seriously? You're funny. I've been having déjà vu all day long. This whole high school thing is just a blip. Watch out for the truck. What truck? Regardless of anything I do or say, the day starts and ends the same. My mom is going out... Out of town and you are having a party. Yeah, how'd you know? Rob! What? I'm freaking out! Are you in trouble? You can trust me. Mom? Do you think I'm a good person? It doesn't matter what I think. What's important is what you think. Sociopath twelve o'clock. Why do we hate Juliet? Why do you care all of a sudden? Yesterday you said you were afraid she would bite you. That was a long time ago. That was yesterday. Juliet, wait! If I was going to relive the same day over and over, I want it to be a day that would make a difference. Not just for me. They just need to hold on for one more minute.

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시공간의 흔들림 중력파
이 영화 진짜 명작입니다.. 지금 하루의 가치가 얼마나 월등하게 높은지를 깨닫게 해주네요.. 그리고 저의 마음속에 이걸 보면서 깨달은 깊은 교훈을 새겨두었네요. 진짜 누군가는 이 영화가 평범해 보인다 해도, 전 진짜 큰 교훈을 얻게되었네요.. 된다면 이 영화 보는거 추천합니다..
윤연 Reply Link
이거 재미있는데 결말이... 증말...
sssf d
sssf d Reply Link
Kristen Park
Kristen Park Reply Link
여기서 끝에쯤에 나오늘 노래이름이 뭔가여??ㅜ
띵띠링 Reply Link
리제로 아니냐?
orange i
orange i Reply Link
아예 밤에 사고나는 그차를 안타거나 친구들 최대한 차 늦게타게 해서 사고나는거 막으면..내일이 오려나요??
승모 2 Reply Link
어.. 재밌겠다!!
Chris Choi
Chris Choi Reply Link
잘 봤어요~
허성현 1 Reply Link
소재는 사랑의 블랙홀인데 설마 결말도 비슷하지는 않겠지?
tm k
tm k 4 Reply Link
진부하기 짝이 없다.. 게다가 틴에이지스러운것이 더욱더 재미가 반감되겠군

Listu 2 Reply Link
점점 흔해지고 있는 컨셉...
사랑의 블랙홀만큼은 못될 듯. 사랑의 블랙홀은 인생철학이 담겨서 철학과 교재로까지 쓰였다던데
이건 아마 친구 도와주면서 풀리는 그런 거 아닐까?
머서알렉스 Reply Link
소스코드랑 내용이 비슷한??
응아니야 Reply Link
3 4년 전에 읽었던 소설이네
오오 재밌겠다
정지민 Reply Link
헐 재밌겠다
Montana Jones
Montana Jones 8 Reply Link
빌 머레이와 앤디 맥도웰이 주연했던 영화와 같은 소재인데, 내용은 아주 다르네요.

사랑이 들어가지는 않는 듯?!
어린암흑 2 Reply Link
오~이런 스타일 좋아합니다~기대되는 예고편이네요. 책도 한번 읽어봐야겠네요,
10 player
10 player 5 Reply Link
군대에서 심심해서 읽은 소설이 영화로 나오네
ongso c
ongso c 3 Reply Link
엣지오브투모로우랑 컨셉이 비슷한데 어떻게 다를려나
김사랑 Reply
ongso c 맞아요 비슷한것같아요
그릇부초 Reply
ongso c ㄴㄴ 엣지 오브 타임이랑 비스싼듯
임재원 11 Reply Link
라이프 이즈 스트레인이라는 게임이랑 요소가 비슷하네요
낙엽지는새。 Reply
오... 임재원님... 처럼 댓글 쓰려고 했는데 먼저 쓰시다니.. 챗...
aw power
aw power Reply
임재원 오 그러게요

doctor what
doctor what 6 Reply Link
사랑의 블랙홀 ?
김아라 Reply Link
책으로 먼저 봐야겠네요! 기대된다
정현우 Reply Link